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The 86th Startup Meeting Open Day of TianGe Acoustic Science and Technology

The 86th Startup Meeting Open Day of TianGe Acoustic Science and Technology

03 Apr, 2019
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The 86th Startup Meeting Open Day of TianGe Acoustic Science and Technology


Time flies, we gather together, with the glory and dreams of the strivers, TianGe Acoustics launch a new journey in April!



[Team Morale Display]

The part of team morale display let us see the full passion of people in TianGe family, their slogans and goals are powerful, and they have great confidence to reach the goals they set of April!




[Monthly Awards]

Everyone in the team and each team of TianGe Acoustics is excellent. They are like a heroic and invincible attacking army. They prove their excellence with wisdom, sweat and bravery. They constantly challenge themselves, complete the goal brilliantly, complete the breakthrough and transformation of the team and themselves!




[Team Learning Sharing]

Summarizing can reflect on the shortcomings of the past, and reflecting can improve the future. The one who is good at summarizing the past and reflecting will win in the end.




[Comedy Show]

The sales teams of TianGe Acoustics can be described as eighteen martial arts”–not only have a strong business ability but also can sing and dance, play and host. The comedy show brought all the audience joy and laughter.




[Introduction of New Employees]

In this spring of April, a large number of new members joined the TianGe family, we believe that TianGe Acoustics can give them a broader space for growth, and believe that they can add radiance, bricks and tiles to TianGe Acoustics!




[Apprentice Ceremony]

Teacher and filial piety are the core parts of Chinese culture. The ancients said that one day is a teacher and life is a father. The teachers preach, teach and help the apprentices to relieve confusion. TianGe Acoustics adheres to this traditional culture and holds a solemn ceremony for new people.




[Anniversary Sharing]

TianGe has been working hard for more than ten years. In the past ten years, there have been new blood integrations. Of course, there are many old employees who have been following the company quietly. It is these new and old employees that pay and stick to TianGe, which makes TianGe become a powerful company today and in the future. TianGe Acoustics is grateful to have all these family members!




[Encourages From Our General Manager Lee ]



On that day, I cant go all the way.


For restless hearts,


For Survival with self-esteem,


For proving myself.


Just like the lyrics of TianGes morale song On the Road, For the heart of restlessness, indeed, TianGe Acoustics always has a restlessheart, because we are not satisfied with the status quo that to be a common one among all the acoustic companies. As a service provider for the acoustic environment, our goal is to spread the most comfortable sound all over the decoration field!


Passion April, here we come!


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