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The 87th Startup Meeting Open of TianGe Acoustic Science and Technology

The 87th Startup Meeting Open of TianGe Acoustic Science and Technology

03 May, 2019
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The 87th Startup Meeting Open of TianGe Acoustic Science and Technology


It is not difficult to do one thing, but it is not easy to insist on one thing to be the ultimate. As time goes by, we welcome May, which symbolizes labour, the monthly startup meeting of TianGe Acoustics Science and Technology has also reached the 87th!





Team Morale Display

A good man may not be able to have great power to make a change, but a group of excellent persons must be able to explode greater power to make a change!







The victory of the winner is determined by moralethe group of wolves is to organize a strong team strength in the opponents who are full of battle; the wisdom of the wolf is to constantly compete and surpass the ranks of the strong.



Monthly Awards

Destiny has never favoured anyone, but will certainly favour those who work hard. Behind every effort, there will be double rewards!







The challenges are raging, the competition is coming, the journey is full of sunshine. In this great era of the fact that ruthlessly eliminating the mediocrity, giving the wise to flight in the battlefield, the heroes need applause and aura!



Monthly Summary

Every months harvest is the result of persisting in the accumulation of efforts!




Through the hard work in April, everyones hard work paid for fruitful results. The department managers took us through the debriefing report to review the performance of last month and plan for the work in May.



Learning experience Sharing

The man who is good at reviewing and summarizing the past will wins.




Maybe their experience and their harvest are different, but the more they share, the more they grow!



New Employees Introduction

Every successful person has a beginning, has the courage to start so that he can find a way to success. TianGe family welcomes you to join!





Anniversary Sharing

TianGe thanks for your company!  Thank you for your constant work, TianGe will be better because of you!






Encouragement From Our Leader



At the end of the conference, TianGes Chairman Mr Huang encouraged the whole family. He advocated that everyone should continue to use their learning to arm themselves and improve themselves. Indeed, we can not learn, but our competitors will never stop learning! In the next month, challenges and opportunities coexist, let us stand at a higher starting point than yesterday, and set off on a higher stage than yesterday!  


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