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The 88th Startup Meeting Open Day of Tiange Acoustic Science and Technology

The 88th Startup Meeting Open Day of Tiange Acoustic Science and Technology

02 Jun, 2019
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The 88th Startup Meeting Open Day of Tiange Acoustic Science and Technology

    More scorching than the temperature of summer is the enthusiasm of the struggle! May has passed, and June is coming. We need to take our courage in both hands, whether we face with flowers or thorns!


    A month is a period of a meeting. The days of Startup Meeting held by Tiange Acoustic and Science and Technology is never absent.


    Zhongcheng Team # Unite as one, we can break gold. Unite as one, we can climb the peak.


    Chiyan Team #Treat clients with enthusiasm to create our dreams and embrace our future.


    Dream Team # To make dreams and to embrace the future.


    Skyhawks Team #Skyhawk, Skyhawk, we are the Skyhawk flying in the sky.


    Soldiers on the battlefield, morale display, is a strong show with loud slogans to show the uncompromising beliefs from people in TianGe.


    Monthly Award

    Every award results from the pains. When standing on the stage to accept the award and sharing experience, you are the brightest light and the most dazzling existence!

    No pain, no gain. Life is like a mirror, you laugh, it laughs. The attitude of life is like the echo, if you firmly believe, it will be sonorous and powerful. In the end, your payment will be rewarded!


Summary of Team Managers

    Sum up the shortcomings and growth of May with the method of Fupan, and plan the goals for June with a strategic vision. As long as the heart adheres to, all the payments will have the best outcome.


    The Sketch Show–Judge A Book By Its Cover


    Step over, the period of minutes or seconds may subvert a world. Move forward, there must be only the intersection without end. Surpass needs everyone to make an all-out effort. Miracles are always held in our hands! Come on, TianGe family let’s push on with our work!


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