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The Factors Affecting The Price of The Perforated Acoustic Panel

The Factors Affecting The Price of The Perforated Acoustic Panel

02 Jan, 2020

The Factors Affecting The Price of The Perforated Acoustic Panel


Todays acoustic industry is developing rapidly, and more and more sound-absorbing and sound-insulating products are constantly being introduced. The Perforated Wood Acoustic Board is an excellent product. The perforated wood acoustic board is also called the perforated sound-absorbing board, which is a sound absorbing material perforated both on the front and the back sides of the MDF board. It not only has the characteristics of traditional decoration heat insulation, fireproof, dust proof, lightweight, no modification, no rot but also has excellent features of good sound absorption effect, high strength, good decoration, convenient construction and environmental protection performance, which is fairly popular with the customers.


Many consumers will pay attention to the price of the perforated wood acoustic panel when they are going to purchase it. With no doubt, for customers, quality is one of the essential concerns. In fact, there are many factors affecting the price of perforated wood acoustic panels. Different regions, seasons, different manufacturers and brands are the factors affecting the price. Indeed, different kinds of perforated wood acoustic panel exist a certain distinction which affects the cost of decoration.






First of all, the perforated wood acoustic panel is rich in types, such as large size perforated wood acoustic panels, micro-porous wood acoustic panels, etc. Moreover, its production methods and raw materials are one of the most important factors affecting the price.


Secondly, taking the seasonal factors as an example, the Chinese attach importance to the timing of decoration, so there are the off-season and the busy season.


In the off-season, many manufacturers will give customers a discount aiming to catch their attention and improve their turnover and sales volume. On the contract, the price will be higher when the demand exceeds in the busy season. As for the perforated wood acoustic panel itself, the different specifications and thickness will also cause the different price.


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