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Why do polyester fiber acoustic panels stand out among acoustic materials

Why do polyester fiber acoustic panels stand out among acoustic materials

02 Jan, 2020

Why do polyester fiber acoustic panels stand out among acoustic materials?


Why can polyester fiber acoustic panels stand out among many acoustic materials to become the best choice for indoor sound insulation?


TianGe Acoustics recommends that the acoustic materials such as glass wool, rock wool and sponge should not be considered as the indoor sound insulation or sound absorption material. Because of the fragile fiber, glass wool and rock wool will easily cause skin allergies. Their stratification in the room will cause respiratory allergies. The sponge is a flammable product that produces toxic gases after combustion. It is recommended not to use them as indoor acoustic materials although they have a porous structure and have a certain sound absorbing function,




The polyester fiber acoustic panel is a hot product in acoustic materials and is widely used in various places. In general, the ability of the acoustic panel to absorb low frequencies increases as its density increases, but when the density reaches an upper limit, the ability to absorb sound also reaches its limit. Polyester fiber acoustic panel is an acoustic material containing polyester fiber, which is environmentally friendly and no harm to peoples health. Therefore, it is widely used in conference rooms, music classrooms, computer rooms, KTV, concert halls, etc. How powerful is it, lets keep reading.




Polyester fiber acoustic panels are a good option when selecting acoustic materials for decoration. It can reach the E1 Grade of environmental performance, and reach the B1 Grade of the fire rating. It has better sound absorption for medium and high frequency. However, due to the structure of the material, its absorption of low-frequency sound is poor and it is hard to eliminate low-frequency sound, such as noise generated by electrical appliances, the sound of mopping the floor upstairs, the vibration of the neighbors home, the vibration of the ground.






Secondly, the specifications of polyester fiber acoustic panels are very suitable for indoor soundproof decoration. This product can also cut the size and choose the color according to the size and the style of the room. In addition, the polyester acoustic panels have decorative effects. Many acoustic panels manufacturers produce polyester fiber acoustic panels with different colors in order to achieve the special decorative effect. Polyester fiber acoustic panels can be customized according to the different needs of customers.


Therefore, it is undoubtedly that the polyester fiber acoustic panel can be the preferred product for indoor acoustic decoration.


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