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Why install acoustic panels in a room

Why install acoustic panels in a room

02 Jan, 2020

Why install acoustic panels in a room?


Has everyone had such troubles? When you move into a new house or room, you will be disturbed by the proximity of the road or the noisy places. The quality of sleep and life will be greatly affected. It seems that moving into a new house is not a delightful thing but an annoying thing.




It is a private place for us to have a rest. In terms of the quality of life and personal privacy, the sound insulation and the sound absorption of the room should be taken into account. Therefore, the use of acoustic panels in a room is indispensable when making the plan of the home decoration. Why install acoustic panels in a room? TianGe Acoustics, a service provider of the overall solution of the acoustic environment, gives more explanation here.


From the actual situation, the larger the spatial position in the room, the reverberation time will be longer and will have a worse speech intelligibility. In order to ensure the clarity of the language, it is necessary to make sound absorption indoors to control the reverberation time. Therefore, installing acoustic panels in a room is one of the most direct ways.




In fact, any kinds of acoustic material are designed by using the principle of sound propagation. However, due to various materials and workmanship, the degree of sound absorption can be greatly different. The relevant regulations indicate that materials which have a more than 0.2 sound absorption coefficient are regarded as sound absorbing materials. Therefore, the acoustic panels of the room need to have a certain sound absorption coefficient.


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