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TianGe Acoustic Holds Mothers Day Activities

TianGe Acoustic Holds Mothers Day Activities

13 May, 2024
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Let love freeze frame

In this loving and grateful May, we are celebrating a special day to pay tribute to all mothers - Mother's Day. TianGe Acoustic specially planned a Mother's Day event with the theme of "Happy Smile, Warm Memory". We invite all mothers in the company to participate and create unforgettable memories together.

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Dedicated to the most beautiful mother

On this special day, we have prepared a carefully selected gift for each mother present. This gift not only carries our recognition and gratitude for the hard work of the mothers, but also represents our deep respect and love.

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Happy smile

On this day, we witnessed countless heartwarming images. Mothers were holding gifts in their hands, and their faces were brimming with contentment and happiness. Every photo captured these beautiful moments, and every smiling face conveyed the breath of happiness and joy.

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