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TianGe Acoustic Organizes Blood Donation Activities for Employees

TianGe Acoustic Organizes Blood Donation Activities for Employees

08 May, 2024
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Create corporate social responsibility with blood

Voluntary blood donation is a relay of life and a silent dedication. It not only saves countless patients, but also symbolizes the progress of social civilization. Every donation makes the world warmer. Voluntary blood donation is a social welfare cause related to the national economy and people's livelihood. Voluntary blood donation is not only a lofty embodiment of the humanitarian spirit, but also an important symbol of the degree of social civilization. It connects every healthy heartbeat with the hope of urgent treatment, and every selfless donation is the highest tribute to life. By participating in voluntary blood donation, we not only help others, but also build a guarantee for ourselves and our families, and jointly maintain social harmony and stability.

The significance of donating blood

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In modern society, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become one of the important standards for measuring corporate value. As a leading enterprise in the industry, TianGe Acoustic has always regarded social responsibility as an important part of corporate culture. On May 8, 2024, TianGe Acoustic organized a blood donation activity for employees, which interpreted the social responsibility of the enterprise with practical actions.

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At the blood donation center, everyone lined up voluntarily, and the queue was orderly. Each person patiently awaited their turn to donate blood. Despite the large number of people, the atmosphere on-site was warm and harmonious, reflecting the respect and support of community members for public welfare. Their actions not only demonstrated a sense of personal responsibility but also highlighted social cohesion and the level of civility.

Blood action, build hope for life together

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After the blood donation, the healthcare workers on site also specially prepared glucose water for the blood donors, carefully informing the blood donors of some precautions after blood donation. The company prepared nutritional supplements for each blood donation employee and arranged appropriate rest time to ensure the health of the employees. At the same time, the company also commended the blood donation employees to show encouragement.

This blood donation activity not only contributed valuable blood resources to society, but also strengthened the cohesion and teamwork among employees.

TianGe Acoustic will continue to uphold the concept of "giving back to the society and caring for life", and continue to carry out various public welfare activities to contribute to the harmonious development of society. At the same time, we also call on more enterprises and individuals to join the public welfare cause and jointly build a caring and warm society.

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