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The 132th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

The 132th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

15 Dec, 2023
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Today, we gather together to launch this important Meeting. In this era full of opportunities and challenges, we gather together for the collision of ideas, to explore the direction of future development together, and more importantly, to work together and create a better tomorrow.

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The Flag Raising Ceremony

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The Startup Meeting kicked off with a solemn flag raising ceremony. The flag bearer led the flag onto the stage, and the entire staff stood in awe, singing the national anthem in the simplest and most simple ceremony to express their love and support for the motherland.

Corporate Culture

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Corporate culture is the embodiment of the soul and core values of our organization. Here, we are not just a team, but also a big family. We uphold the concept of unity, cooperation, innovation, and win-win, and strive to create a harmonious, inclusive, and positive working environment. We value the personal development and growth of our employees, encourage them to innovate and take on responsibilities, and provide them with broad development opportunities and a good career development platform. We believe that every employee is the most valuable asset of our organization, and we are committed to building a stage where employees can fully utilize their talents, so that everyone can find a sense of belonging and achievement here.

Team Morale Display

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Team spirit is the driving force behind our continuous progress. The domestic and foreign teams demonstrated their strength and style in this event, fully demonstrating the core values of corporate culture. Whether it is teamwork or individual performance, all elites have demonstrated strong team cohesion and individual execution, making important contributions to the development and progress of the enterprise. Their efforts not only motivate other employees to work harder, but also inject new vitality and momentum into the future development of the enterprise.

Marketing Center Monthly Awards

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With everyone's joint efforts, a series of achievements have been achieved, especially the performance of the foreign trade team has reached a new high. Because of you, there have been countless awards and honors. We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all the winners! Your outstanding performance and achievements have not only won honor for the company, but also set an example for us, inspiring us to constantly strive and pursue excellence. In our future work, we will continue to advocate for a corporate culture of unity, cooperation, and innovation, creating more development opportunities and a better working environment for every employee, so that everyone can fully unleash their potential and realize their personal value in their work. We also hope that all colleagues can learn from the winners, continuously improve, and contribute to the development of the company together.

Monthly Review Summary

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The monthly work summary stage is very important. The leaders of each department have taken the stage to comprehensively summarize the work of last month and clarify the work goals for this month. This regular work summary and goal setting helps various departments and employees of the company clarify their direction, which is greatly beneficial for the company's development.

New Colleague Share

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If a person does not pursue, there is no value, and time is like a traveler. If time is wasted, there is no value. Thank you to every family member of Tiange for choosing to accompany TianGe Acoustic during the rush of life, creating value and dedication for TianGe Acoustic and the meaning of their own lives. TianGe Acoustic Group has always adhered to a "people-oriented" recruitment culture, focusing on talent exploration and cultivation, providing employees with broad development space and a good working environment. Three new members have been added this month. This is also the talent strategy that has been readjusted since the establishment of the reform group, constantly reformed, improved, and systematically refined. Let's ride the wind and waves together, bravely move forward, and pursue our own path of dreams. I hope each of them can shine on this vast stage.

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The culture of mentorship has a long and rich history. It is not only a way of education, but also a way of inheriting culture. The relationship between master and apprentice is not only a teacher-student relationship, but also a traditional culture where teachers impart skills and apprentices inherit them. In the culture of mentorship, masters not only teach apprentices skills, but also impart moral, moral, and interpersonal principles. The master leads by example and teaches his disciples not only to learn skills, but also to be virtuous and talented. And apprentices should respect their teachers and values the Tao, humbly learn, study diligently, and constantly strive for progress in order to inherit and carry forward their master's skills and spirit.

Anniversary Sharing

We think gratitude is the most precious asset of a company and the key to our success. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication every day. Your efforts have continuously improved the company and enabled us to achieve greater success.

Chairman Huang Encouragement

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We are committed to meeting customer needs and exceeding their expectations through continuous innovation and providing excellent services. Either first or only. Our products and services will be characterized by high quality, high performance, and high added value, creating lasting value for customers and making them more worry free. The company needs to constantly seek its positioning in the market, highlighting its core values and advantages. We firmly believe that through our efforts and innovation, we can make our customers' lives more convenient and better.

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