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The 131th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

The 131th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

13 Nov, 2023
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Time is the same and important for everyone. There is neither too much nor too little. If you waste it, it is equivalent to wasting your great years, losing your existing youth, and losing what you want to do now but haven't done yet. At 2:30 pm on November 7th, the TianGe Acoustic family gathered together in the multifunctional hall on the sixth floor of the company, and held the grand opening ceremony of the 131th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic, titled "Focus on Business".

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The Flag Raising Ceremony

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The Startup Meeting with a solemn flag raising ceremony. The flag bearer led the flag to the stage, and the entire staff stood in awe, singing the national anthem, expressing their love and support for the motherland through the simplest and most simple ceremony.

Corporate Culture

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Corporate culture is a people-oriented culture that emphasizes the core role of human ideals, morality, values, and behavioral norms in enterprise management. It emphasizes understanding, respecting, and caring for people in enterprise management. Pay attention to the comprehensive development of people, inspire people with vision, unite people with spirit, motivate people with mechanisms, and cultivate people with the environment. Every TianGe family member remembers TianGe's mission in their hearts and strives to practice it in their work.

TianGe Acoustic October Events Highlights Review

All employees and on-site guests sit down and watch the October event video.

Team Morale Display

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Team spirit is the driving force behind our continuous progress. Domestic and foreign teams demonstrated their strength and style in this event, fully demonstrating the core values of corporate culture. Whether it is teamwork or individual performance, all elites have demonstrated strong team cohesion and individual execution, making important contributions to the development and progress of the enterprise. Their efforts not only motivate other employees to work harder, but also inject new vitality and motivation into the future development of the enterprise.

Marketing Center Monthly Awards

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Since the establishment of the Tiktok team for a period of time, with the joint efforts of everyone, it has made some outstanding achievements and won a good reputation for the company. The Startup Meeting has entered a climax stage, and the domestic and international performance award process is exciting and diverse. As the host recited the names of each winner, our employee elites stood on the podium. The awarding of a series of performance awards not only recognized the hard work of employees, but also encouraged more employees to contribute to the development of the enterprise. The leaders of each department took a group photo with the award-winning elites on stage, and the various honors and rewards displayed on the award platform symbolized the recognition of employees' hard work by customers and enterprises.

Monthly Review Summary

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The monthly work summary process is even more important. Each department leader has conducted a comprehensive summary of last month's work and clarified the work objectives for this month. This regular work summary and goal setting helps clarify the direction of various departments and employees in the company, which is greatly beneficial for the company's development.

New Colleague Share

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TianGe Acoustic Group has always adhered to a "people-oriented" recruitment culture, focusing on talent exploration and cultivation, providing employees with broad development space and a good working environment; We believe that every employee is an important asset of the company, with unique value and potential. Here, they will work together with a group of outstanding talents, constantly learn and grow, and achieve their career goals and life values.

Anniversary Sharing

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Your efforts have made important contributions to the development of the company. Your contributions and efforts have made our team stronger and more successful. We sincerely thank you! I hope you can continue to maintain excellent working conditions and strive for the development of the company. We look forward to working together with you to create a more brilliant future. Thank you again for your efforts and contributions in the company.

Chairman Huang Encouragement

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Lock in the high-end market. Why should we target the high-end market? How to target the high-end market? The starting point of strategy is users, and the end point is users' lifelong value. Consumers in the high-end market usually have high requirements for the quality of products or services, so it is necessary to ensure that the products or services provided have high quality and high added value. Chairman Huang mentioned at the meeting that the essence of business is not to do more, but to do less! Using efficient business essence, investing the least cost, obtaining the maximum value, and seizing the most critical 1%.

From egoism to consumerism, from solo combat to teamwork!

The core product is strategy, and the essence of the core product is user value. Consistency: All the manpower, material resources, financial resources, time, and resources of the company are focused on one point, with ten times the concentration of troops, With all the manpower, ten thousand arrows will be fired in unison! What is love? Love is a choice. If you love users, you will choose to give them unconditionally to put this love into practice. We also need to find a management lever, which is quality management.

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Counting all the achievements of the past year, as the founder of the group, I would like to thank you for your efforts and efforts. Today's achievements all include your hard work and sweat. Here, I would like to sincerely thank all partners for their trust, understanding, and support. I believe that every effort and tolerance in the past will become the cornerstone and source of strength for us to overcome difficulties, cooperate sincerely, and achieve a win-win future in the future. Nothing can stop our pace, nothing can shake our confidence, and we will drive at full speed towards a more brilliant 2024. Finally, the company held a birthday party for employees, which is also a part of TianGe Acoustic Group's (family) culture, giving every employee a sense of family belonging.

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