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The 130th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

The 130th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

09 Oct, 2023
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On this day of celebration, the people of TianGe Acoustic are incredibly proud. TianGe Acoustic has been in the acoustic industry for 15 years, riding the waves all the way to prominence. We will follow the pace of the motherland's economic development, and share the fruits of prosperity; October 5, TianGe family members gathered in the company's multi-functional hall, as scheduled, held the 130th Startup Meeting, the theme of this issue is "Focus on Brand", which means we will continue to optimise our products and improve the quality of service in order to meet the needs of our customers. At the same time, we will also actively expand partnerships to create a better future together.

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The Flag Raising Ceremony

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The Startup Meeting was opened in a solemn ceremony of hoisting the national flag. All the staff stood up and sang the national anthem, which demonstrated the cohesion of the team and the deep love for the motherland. This moment inspired our sense of mission, we will be closely united together, with the spirit of upward mobility, to contribute to the development of the enterprise. We firmly believe that team cohesion is the source of power for the enterprise to move forward, and only through close unity can we meet the challenges and create a more brilliant tomorrow.

Corporate Culture

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In the Startup Meeting, TianGe family members recited the corporate culture together to deeply understand the core values of the team. Watch the corporate video to further understand the core values and development concept. Uniting together, we will be guided by these cores, and together we will build a brilliant future for the development of the enterprise!

TianGe Acoustic September Events Highlights Review

Reviewing the important events in September, we witnessed the growth and progress of the enterprise. Looking back, we feel the power and potential of the team. These achievements have stimulated the work motivation of the staff and enhanced the cohesion of the team. We will continue to work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow. Let's uphold the faith of growth, support each other, chase the goal of success together, and build a brilliant corporate future!

Team Morale Display

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Team spirit is the inexhaustible driving force for the team to move forward, gathering the strength and wisdom of each member. In the morale demonstration, the domestic and foreign teams showed fearless courage, resilience and excellent synergy, fully demonstrating the core essence of the army culture. They demonstrated outstanding strength and impressive style, highlighting the value orientation of corporate culture. Whether it was teamwork or individual performance, all the elites demonstrated strong team cohesion and excellent execution, making significant contributions to the development of the enterprise.

Marketing Center Monthly Awards

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In the past month, the team of TianGe Acoustic has demonstrated unrivalled innovation and excellence. With the courage to make breakthroughs, they actively explored new fields and injected new vigour and momentum into the company. These honours and awards not only affirm their hard work, but also recognise their professional ability and outstanding performance. The team will use these honours as a motivation to keep pursuing excellence and provide customers with better products and services. These honours further consolidate the image and outstanding performance of TianGe Acoustic as an excellent brand and enhance the reputation and competitiveness of the company. The team will continue to unite and collaborate, gather consensus, and achieve the development goals of the enterprise with the spirit of teamwork. Their efforts will contribute more to the prosperity of the enterprise and the progress of the industry.

Monthly Review Summary

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In September's focused learning, we have accumulated valuable experience and skills, providing strong support for the focused brand in October. TianGe family members will be united and work hand in hand to achieve the corporate development goals. We will bravely face the future challenges, meet the wind and waves, and share the joy of success and growth together. Let the brand of TianGe Acoustic shine in the market and contribute to the prosperity of the motherland's economy.

Anniversary Sharing

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The 6th anniversary of Tang colleague, the 5th anniversary of Zhu colleague and the 3rd anniversary of Du colleague, just like the culture of "Moutai Wine" of TianGe Acoustic, represent the refinement of time and the sublimation of quality. They have demonstrated their unique talents and values in the team, bringing us endless inspiration and innovation. We admire their dedication and commitment, and their growth and success inspire our entire team to move forward. Let's celebrate these milestones together and wish them all the best as they continue to shine and bring more brilliance to TianGe Acoustic in the years to come!

Chairman Huang Encouragement

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At the end of the Startup Meeting, Chairman Huang made an inspiring speech, which brought important insights for all staff. He emphasised the importance of perseverance, innovation and breakthroughs in focusing on the brand to carry forward the corporate culture and brand image. At the same time, Chairman Huang also stressed the indispensability of teamwork, calling on employees to support and collaborate with each other to achieve the development goals of the enterprise. He also sent a message to the staff to maintain a positive attitude and high morale, for the future of the enterprise to strive unremittingly.

Chairman Huang's speeches at every general meeting inspired everyone, made us feel deeply our importance and responsibility, and stimulated the passion to go all out for the prosperity of the enterprise. Chairman Huang's words are full of encouragement and confidence, and will surely become the source of power for us to move forward. We will devote ourselves to our work and contribute our strength to the success of the enterprise in the best condition.

In the future development, TianGe Acoustic Group will continue to uphold the concept of innovation, quality and service, and continue to introduce more advanced, high-quality acoustic products. We will continue to explore the potential of the acoustic field, leading the industry trend, to meet the user's pursuit of audio experience.

Employee Birthday Party

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Happy Birthday to all colleagues who have birthdays in October! May your lives be filled with joy and happiness. TianGe Acoustic Group will continue to bring you more amazing acoustic products and services.

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