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The 129th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

The 129th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

08 Sep, 2023
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Sending away the blazing August, ushering in the early fall of September. On September 6, TianGe family members gathered in the company's multi-functional hall and held the 129th Startup meeting as scheduled. The theme of this meeting is "Focused Learning", which means that we will cast every day with the attitude of fine carving and pursue the goal of excellence.

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The Flag Raising Ceremony

The Startup meeting began with a solemn ceremony of raising the national flag. The flag bearer solemnly led the national flag into the field, and all the staff stood at attention and sang the national anthem, expressing the cohesion of our team and the deep love for the motherland. This moment also inspired our sense of mission, we will be closely united together, with the spirit of upward mobility, for the development of the enterprise to contribute our strength.

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Corporate Culture

In the Startup meeting, TianGe family members recited the corporate culture together to deeply realize the core of the team. Watching the corporate video to deepen the understanding of the core values and development concept.

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TianGe Acoustic August Events Highlights Review

Reviewing the important events in August allows everyone to experience the growth and progress of the company, further motivating employees while increasing team cohesion.

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Team Morale Display

Team spirit is the source of power for us to keep moving forward. Domestic and foreign teams showed their strength and style in this activity, fully demonstrating the core value of corporate culture. Whether it is inter-team collaboration or individual performance, all the elites showed strong team cohesion and personal execution, making important contributions to the development and progress of the enterprise. Their efforts not only inspired other employees to work harder, but also injected new vitality and power for the future development of the enterprise.

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Marketing Center Monthly Awards

The honors and awards displayed on the podium not only affirm their hard work and unremitting efforts, but also represent the trust and recognition of the enterprise and customers. These honors motivate the team to keep making progress and make greater contributions to the development of the enterprise and the progress of the society. At the same time, they also highlight the excellent brand image and outstanding performance of TianGe Enterprise, and enhance the reputation and competitiveness of the enterprise. Continuing to receive honors will become the goal of TianGe people's unremitting efforts to make more outstanding contributions to the prosperity of the enterprise and the progress of the society.

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Monthly Review Summary

In the review summary, we identify problems and propose improvement plans through in-depth analysis and summarization of the work process and results.In September, we will take learning as the core to continuously improve our professional skills and knowledge. We will pursue excellence in quality through meticulous work and strive for excellence. We will focus on teamwork and knowledge sharing, supporting and encouraging each other to grow together. We are committed to building a learning organization, adapting to changes and innovations. We believe that continuous learning and improvement will lead to greater success and prepare for business development.

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Chairman Huang Encouragement

The advancement of the enterprise can not be separated from the helmsman's dedication and strategic thinking. Mr. Huang prepares his speeches very attentively in every Startup meeting, knowing its importance in the transmission of ideas. We constantly learn new knowledge from him. He often emphasizes that "the more we share, the more we grow, and only learning is eternal", and that learning is the first competitiveness of an enterprise. He emphasized the importance of learning, pointing out that only through continuous learning and upgrading of professional skills and knowledge can we adapt to the changing market environment and remain competitive. He encouraged us to approach our work with meticulous care, to pursue excellence in quality, and to support and encourage each other to grow together in teamwork.

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The 129th Startup meeting of TianGe Acoustic established the development path for the enterprise and demonstrated the spirit of unity and innovation. TianGe Acoustic will start a new journey and write a new chapter with a new attitude. We will continue to work hard to promote enterprise development and provide customers with excellent products and services. Cohesion and innovation will drive us to a higher goal and forge a more brilliant future. We believe that TianGe Acoustic will win a broader market and achieve greater success with our excellent team and superior quality.

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