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The 128th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

The 128th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

09 Aug, 2023
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On August 4th, the TianGe Acoustic Group convened its 128th Startup Meeting in the company's multi-purpose hall. The theme of this conference, "Cultural Refinement: Micro Innovations, Grand Transformations," aims to underscore the significance of corporate cultural development and explore how micro-level innovations on the cultural front can drive the company towards new growth and transformations.

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The Flag Raising Ceremony

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The conference commenced with a solemn flag-raising ceremony. Led by the flag bearer, the national flag made its entrance as all attendees stood in reverence, singing the national anthem. Through this humble and unadorned ritual, the deep love and unwavering support for our motherland were conveyed.

Corporate Culture

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Then, all of them stood up, and the host took the lead in reading out the corporate culture of TianGe Acoustic, deeply integrating the company's core values into the hearts of every employee.

TianGe Acoustic July Events Highlights Review

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All seated to watch the July Events video.

Team Morale Display

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The morale display session is an important interactive session. The sales team took turns to go on stage for the morale display, fully demonstrating the positive impact of corporate culture on the company's teams, and each team showed strong cohesion and execution. This undoubtedly also injected vigorous development momentum for the enterprise.

Marketing Center Monthly Awards

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The conference entered the climax stage, the domestic and international performance awards were brilliant. As the host read out the names of the winners, the podium was full of our staff elites, a series of performance awards, not only the staff's hard work is recognized, but also will inspire more employees to contribute to the development of the enterprise.

The leaders of each department went on stage to take photos with the winning elites. The various honors and awards displayed on the podium symbolized the recognition of the hard work of the employees by the customers and the company.

Monthly Review Summary

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Monthly work summary session is more important. The leaders of each department come on the stage successively to summarize the work of the previous month comprehensively and make clear the work objectives of this month.

This kind of regular work summary and goal establishment, so that the company's various departments and employees are clear direction, the company's development is very beneficial.

New Colleague Share

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The company warmly welcomed the new employees, and the new employees also expressed their gratitude to the company for giving them the opportunity, and hoped to get along with their colleagues, learn from each other and make progress together.

Anniversary Sharing

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Different years of working experience make our family members have different feelings, just like the culture of "Moutai Wine" in TianGe. There are 5-year anniversary sharing, 3-year anniversary sharing and 2-year anniversary sharing.

This fully embodies the "people-oriented" concept of employment and the respect and recognition of employees of TianGe Acoustic.

Chairman Huang Encouragement

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At the closing of the conference, Mr. Huang gave a profound analysis of the customer inquiry problem in the current market environment. He pointed out that in the fierce market competition, enterprises need to find a balance between quality, price, etc., to ensure the reliability of products and services, but also to give a competitive price to obtain and retain customers.

Enterprises need to strengthen cost control, provide value products, and differentiate themselves from the competition through service, innovation, and accurate pricing. Only by constantly searching for a balance in the market can we gain a foothold and grow in a complex and changing environment.

This conference has established a specific path to promote the development of the company, and also demonstrated the good spirit of the company's entire team, pioneering and innovative. Under the guidance of "Cultural Refinement", TianGe Acoustic will write a brand-new chapter in the new journey with a new attitude and power.

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