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TianGe Acoustic Participated In A Selfless Blood Donation Event

TianGe Acoustic Participated In A Selfless Blood Donation Event

07 Aug, 2023
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In order to promote the spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress," and actively respond to the call for voluntary blood donation, TianGe Acoustic's Party Branch took the lead in mobilizing employees to enthusiastically sign up for the event organized by the Desheng Village Committee in Nanhai, Foshan. Through their practical actions, they demonstrated the spirit of selflessness and conveyed positive energy of love.

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At the event site, the staff guided everyone in an orderly manner to register, fill out forms, undergo medical examinations, and donate blood according to the established procedure. The scene was well-organized, with volunteers and employees of TianGe Acoustic rolling up their sleeves and extending their arms to give their blood.

This seemingly simple act has the power to convey strength and build a strong fortress for vulnerable lives. Through their actions, they forge a bond of love, using their warm blood as a connection and reminding themselves to always stay true to their initial intentions and dedicate their blood for the people.

Inside the blood donation vehicle, the medical staff prepared glucose water for each blood donor and also provided them with careful instructions regarding post-donation precautions. The donors expressed their commitment to continue engaging in voluntary blood donation, showing their care for others and their determination to make even greater contributions to society.

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Every bag of blood represents an act of love, and every blood donation certificate bears witness to the transmission of compassion. In this voluntary blood donation event, a total of 8 eligible employees from TianGe Acoustic Group donated a collective amount of 3200 milliliters of fresh blood to the blood bank of Nanhai Blood Station in Foshan.

This altruistic blood donation event not only showcases the selfless dedication of TianGe Acoustic employees but also serves as a conduit for love and the spirit of devotion. It inspires more compassionate individuals to join the noble cause of voluntary blood donation, ensuring the perpetual dissemination of kindness and compassion.

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