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The 127th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

The 127th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

27 Jul, 2023
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July, halfway through the year, I hope the winds of this month bring forth an abundance of good news for the summer. May all our efforts bear fruit and every drop of sweat be rewarded. On the afternoon of July 5th at 14:00, the TianGe family gathered in the multifunctional hall on the sixth floor of the company, holding a grand Startup meeting for the 127th edition of TianGe Acoustic, titled "Delicate Service".

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The Flag Raising Ceremony

At the commencement of the meeting, we held a solemn flag-raising ceremony. With the resounding anthem, the TianGe Acoustic family showcased their profound love and boundless enthusiasm for our motherland. It was a testament to the cohesive spirit and upward mindset of our company as a team.

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Corporate Culture

Enterprise culture is a people-centric culture that fundamentally emphasizes the core role of individuals' ideals, ethics, values, and behavioral standards in corporate management. It underscores the importance of understanding, respecting, and caring for people in the realm of organizational management.

We place great emphasis on holistic development, inspiring individuals with a shared vision, uniting them through a shared spirit, motivating them through effective mechanisms, and cultivating them within a conducive environment. Every member of the TianGe family keeps our mission close to heart and strives to put it into practice in their work.

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TianGe Acoustic May-June Events Highlights Review

Memory is the magic that makes time have temperature.May-June has passed, we have experienced joys and sorrows together, looking forward to July, let's get ready to meet new challenges, pursue higher and farther dreams, and continue to create beautiful memories.

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Team Morale Display

Every team is filled with the positive energy of striving, conveying the spirit of team morale to all employees, and injecting endless motivation into everyone.

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Marketing Center Monthly Awards

Time waits for no one, diligence is rewarded by the heavens. Looking back at the achievements of our company in May and June, we have accomplished remarkable results. Apart from the correct guidance of our leaders, we cannot do without a group of outstanding employees who silently contribute. They work diligently, pay meticulous attention to their tasks, strive for excellence, and passionately devote themselves to supporting the company. We are grateful for their efforts and also appreciate the hard work of every colleague.

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Teacher Tianxin's Encouragement

Teacher Tianxin encourages us to challenge ourselves and to think outside the box when faced with difficulties in our work, in order to find new ways to achieve breakthroughs. The importance of trust is emphasized, and we should earn clients' trust by providing high-quality services and guarantees. The concept of value is also mentioned, emphasizing that only by breaking through our own mindset can we provide better services to clients and bring more value to them.

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Monthly Review Summary

In our retrospective analysis, we have reviewed the technical and product intricacies of the past two months, as well as the service intricacies of this month. Through in-depth analysis of our work processes and outcomes, we have proposed improvement strategies and optimization measures. Through this approach, we not only identified issues and weaknesses, but also enhanced our innovativeness and execution capabilities, providing more ideas and methods for the next steps of work and offering greater support for the company's development and progress. We are grateful for the support and trust in our work, and we will continue to strive and contribute even more to the company's growth.

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New Colleague Share

TianGe Acoustic Group has always upheld a "people-oriented" recruitment culture, placing emphasis on talent discovery and development. We are committed to providing a conducive work environment and ample opportunities for growth, allowing employees to fully showcase their abilities and contribute to the company's development. We will continue to respect and support employees' career development. In TianGe Acoustic Group, every family member will feel the warmth of home and the power of the team. We cherish the arrival of each family member and look forward to growing and achieving self-fulfillment together here.

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Anniversary Sharing

The wind that brings us together travels back and forth, transcending time, braving wind and rain. The achievements of TianGe Acoustic Group did not come easily. We express our gratitude for the dedication and efforts of every member of our team. It is your unwavering determination to pursue excellence that propels us forward, relentlessly scaling new heights. The company, with a grateful heart, will continue to enhance employee training and retention, strengthen corporate culture, enrich employees' cultural lives outside of work, and create a comfortable and relaxed working environment and atmosphere. Our goal is to ensure that every member of our team enjoys their work and lives happily.

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Vice President Li Encouragement

Vice President Li told us that in order to become excellent and successful, we should change ourselves instead of others. We should make plans and make efforts to implement them, not relying on luck or opportunities. We should have faith in our abilities and constantly strive for improvement. Additionally, it is crucial to maintain a generous and open-minded mindset, being willing to share and assist others. Only by doing so can we journey further along the path of life and achieve greater accomplishments.

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Employee Birthday Party

We held a birthday party to make every employee feel the warmth of the company family and enhance their sense of belonging. Thank you to each and every employee for their dedication, it is your persistent efforts that have brought us today's achievements.

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The 127th Startup meeting of TianGe Acoustic Group, themed "Delicate Service", successfully concluded with unity, motivation, and gratitude. Let's work together and contribute more to the company's development, creating a better future!

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