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School-Enterprise Exchange and Learning

School-Enterprise Exchange and Learning

25 Jul, 2023
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TianGe Acoustic Group is a high-tech enterprise specializing in acoustic technology and serves as a science popularization education base in Foshan City. Recently, a group of teachers and students from Guangdong Literary & Art Vocational College visited the TianGe Acoustic Science Popularization Base to engage in activities centered around the topic of "School-Enterprise Exchange and Learning."

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During this event, Mrs. Sun, the Vice President of TianGe Acoustic Group, delivered a comprehensive presentation to the faculty and students from Guangdong Literary & Art Vocational College. She shed light upon the developmental journey, corporate ethos, and the evolution of acoustic technology within TianGe Acoustic Group.

Emphasizing the paramount significance placed on technological innovation and the enduring cultivation of corporate culture, Vice President Sun sought to provide a profound understanding to the audience regarding the developmental trajectory of TianGe Acoustic Group and its future orientations.

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Subsequently, Mrs. Zhou, the consultant of TianGe Acoustic Group, proceeded to elaborate extensively on the diverse acoustic treatment solutions offered by TianGe Acoustic products for various locations and venues. Students and teachers were provided with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in creating optimal auditory environments.

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Simultaneously, Engineer Zou from the Design Department personally guided the students to immerse themselves in the everyday tasks of professional acoustic designers. They were also presented with a selection of refined examples showcasing TianGe Acoustic's expertise in architectural acoustics.

This comprehensive approach, involving detailed explanations and tangible case demonstrations, fostered a profound comprehension among teachers and students regarding the distinctive attributes of acoustic products and their practical application.

Consequently, students developed a heightened awareness of the pivotal role acoustic technology plays in modern society, while simultaneously gaining a more extensive understanding of its vast potential and practical applications in everyday life.

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Lastly, the teachers and students from Guangdong Literary & Art Vocational College also visited TianGe Acoustic Group's marketing center, TianGe Science Popularization Base, and TianGe Acoustic Decoration and Design Institute. During these visits, they gained a comprehensive understanding of TianGe Acoustic Group's advanced acoustic technology and its various applications in products. Additionally, they had the opportunity to personally experience the different emotional responses that sound can evoke in different environments.

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School-enterprise exchange and learning activities play a crucial role in facilitating the recruitment of new talents and fostering innovative ideas within enterprises. Moreover, these activities provide students with valuable opportunities to gain practical experience and understand the development trends and requirements of the industry, enabling them to better plan their career paths.

TianGe Acoustic eagerly anticipates establishing school-enterprise exchange and learning programs with more schools, thereby offering more students the chance to learn about and engage with advanced science and technology enterprises, ultimately empowering them for a successful future.

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