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Government-Enterprise Cooperation for Mutual Development

Government-Enterprise Cooperation for Mutual Development

21 Jul, 2023
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The purpose of the government-enterprise pairing program is to facilitate collaboration and communication between the government and enterprises, while enhancing mutual understanding and promoting shared development.

In May, the party building empowerment activity, aimed at promoting development through government-enterprise pairing in Nanhai District, marked a new starting point for our company. The construction of the bridge of connection between the government and enterprises not only strengthens cooperation and drives common development, but also provides more support and assistance to businesses.

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Advancing Economic Development and Institutional Reform

On the occasion of the approaching 102nd birthday of the Communist Party of China on July 1st, following the "Government-Enterprise Collaboration for Development" initiative, on the afternoon of June 27th, the Party branch of Guangdong TianGe Acoustic Group Co., Ltd.

The second and fourth Party branches of the Housing, Urban-Rural Construction, and Water Resources Bureau of Nanhai District, Foshan City, as well as the Party branch of the Office of the Leading Group for Housing System Reform of Nanhai District, gathered nearly 30 Party members at the TianGe Acoustic Group Party branch activity room for a joint Party-building event.

The aim was to promote further collaboration and cooperation between the government and enterprises. Through in-depth introductions and exchanges, both sides gained a comprehensive understanding of the development history of TianGe Acoustic Group and the Party branch's progress over the years. Moreover, the enterprise gained a deeper understanding of the government's policies and requirements through this event.

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Unveiling Ceremony and Party Oath

During the collaborative Party-building Day event, nearly 30 party members gathered together to watch the company's development history. Simultaneously, the four party branches introduced themselves to each other.

Subsequently, Secretary Li from the Second Party Branch of the Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Secretary Hu from the Housing Reform Office Party Branch, and General Manager Huang from the TianGe Party Branch jointly held an unveiling ceremony for the cooperative government-enterprise unit.

This ceremony symbolized the formal initiation of a new chapter in their collaboration and, under the leadership of General Manager Huang, they revisited the Party oath.

Government-Enterprise Cooperation for Mutual Development-3

Enter the Sacred Land of Revolutionary Heritage and Immerse Yourself in the Rich Tapestry of Party History and Culture

Subsequently, General Manager Huang elaborated on the developmental journey and historical evolution of the TianGe Acoustic Group, unveiling its profound acoustical legacy amidst an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Furthermore, General Manager Huang highlighted the company's active participation in recent Party-building activities, including immersive visits to the red revolutionary base of Jinggangshan and the historic city of Zunyi in Guizhou, where they gleaned insights from exemplary party branches such as Yuan Tian and Huate Gas.

Additionally, esteemed professor Xie Xiaoyun from the district party committee was invited to deliver a captivating lecture on the history of the Party. Notably, the party members of the TianGe Acoustic Group branch took the initiative to organize and participate in various altruistic endeavors, such as the 50-kilometer hike in Foshan and the philanthropic blood donation drive in Lishui Xianlu Island.

Even during the challenging times of the pandemic, Tian Ge's party members actively engaged in voluntary work and generously donated KN95 masks. Following these commendable engagements, all four party branches congregated to collectively delve into the study materials for this week's first thematic agenda.

Government-Enterprise Cooperation for Mutual Development-4

Visit the Laboratories and Experiential Spaces of Acoustics

Finally, under the personal guidance of General Manager Huang from TianGe Acoustic Group, the members of the three party branches joined in building had the opportunity to visit the TianGe Acoustic Group Marketing Center, Tengo Science Popularization Base, and TianGe Acoustic Decoration Design Institute.

Secretary Li from the second party branch and Secretary Hu from the Housing Reform Office party branch highly praised TianGe Acoustic's more than ten years of research and innovation in acoustic products as a leading enterprise in the industry. They also gave high appraisal to the company's efforts and achievements in party building work, as well as the outstanding performance in the field of acoustic technology.

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Never Forget the Original Intention and Firmly Adhere to the Guidance of Party Building

The Party branch of TianGe Acoustic Group will continue to strengthen the collaborative efforts between the government and enterprise Party branches, never forgetting the original intention and firmly adhering to the guidance of party building. We will continue to devote ourselves to work in areas such as technological innovation, product research and development, talent incubation, and market expansion. We will strive to enhance our own team building and improve our core competitiveness.

The two "upgraded + high-tech" enterprises under TianGe will tirelessly pursue product quality and service innovation. We will strive to manufacture high-quality acoustic products in China, inherit the ethereal sound of the industry, and provide infinite auditory care for people. TianGe Acoustic Group will continue to uphold the concept of "innovation leading, quality first, and customer service," injecting new impetus into the industry's development and delivering better products and services to our customers.

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