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Leaders from Lishui Town Visit Tiange Acoustic for Research Purposes

Leaders from Lishui Town Visit Tiange Acoustic for Research Purposes

27 Jun, 2023
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On September 22nd, Mayor Deng Xiujuan and Director Li Jiayue from the Economic Development Office of Lishui Town, Foshan City, along with Deputy Director Lin Zhongqiang and other leaders, visited Guangdong TianGe Acoustic Technology Company for research purposes. They also visited TianGe Acoustic's sound absorption and sound insulation popular science education base to gain a deeper understanding of sound absorption and sound insulation materials and their applications.

During the visit, Huang Xiaogang, the General Manager of TianGe Acoustic, and relevant personnel from the Marketing Center accompanied and received them throughout the visit. Meanwhile, Mayor Deng Xiujuan had in-depth discussions with two teachers from the Tsinghua University Acoustics Laboratory, who are currently collaborating with TianGe on product research and development, regarding talent introduction policies and acoustic technology industry-university-research projects.

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First of all, Huang Xiaogang, the General Manager of TianGe Acoustic, warmly welcomed the arrival of Mayor Deng Xiujuan and other leaders from Lishui Town. Then, they visited TianGe Acoustic's Marketing Center, sound absorption and sound insulation popular science base, as well as TianGe Acoustic's decorative design institute. Huang Xiaogang provided a detailed introduction to the development history, corporate culture, and future plans of TianGe Acoustic.

Mayor Deng Xiujuan personally experienced a professional acoustic reverberation chamber and felt the significant difference in reverberation time before and after using sound absorption materials. Mayor Deng highly praised TianGe Acoustic for its research and development and innovation in the field as a leading company in this industry for over a decade. Mayor Deng expressed that she was proud that TianGe Acoustic, as a local company in Lishui, could participate in the construction of numerous national major projects and sell acoustic products to more than 100 countries.

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During the symposium, Mayor Deng Xiujuan showed great concern and inquired about the problems and future development plans of TianGe Acoustic in the current economic conditions. General Manager Huang Xiaogang explained that the company's sales volume has been able to maintain a growth rate of over 20% this year, thanks to continuous product research and development innovation and service innovation in the early stages.

Currently, the company is facing the challenge of insufficient introduction of high-end talents, and it needs the assistance of the government and policy support in order to break through the research and development bottleneck and become a top-notch company in the acoustic decoration industry. Mayor Deng Xiujuan expressed support for the issues raised by General Manager Huang Xiaogang, stating that the talent policy implemented by the government is aimed at fully supporting the introduction of high-end talents and promoting the development and growth of enterprises.

General Manager Huang Xiaogang also expressed sincere gratitude for the strong support from Mayor Deng Xiujuan, and deeply felt the efficient and caring services provided by the Lishui Town government for small and medium-sized enterprises. He genuinely appreciated the government's support and looked forward to the company's further development with the strong support of the government.

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Mayor Deng Xiujuan and other leaders brought deep empowerment to TianGe Acoustic. TianGe Acoustic will not forget its original intention and firmly adhere to the leadership of party building. We will continue to excel in technological innovation, product research and development, talent incubation, and market expansion.

We will strive to strengthen our team building, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the per mu tax revenue of our company. The two "large-scale + high-tech enterprises" under the TianGe umbrella are dedicated to pursuing product quality and service innovation, aiming to create high-quality acoustic products in China and deliver the heavenly sound to the world.

We are committed to the noble mission of providing infinite auditory care to people and will continue to work hard.

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