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The Record of TianGe Acoustic Groups 2023 Acoustic Exhibition

The Record of TianGe Acoustic Groups 2023 Acoustic Exhibition

26 Apr, 2023
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The Record of TianGe Acoustic Group's 2023 Acoustic Exhibition-1

On the morning of March 25, 2023, the fourth China Building Acoustics and Noise Control Industry Expo opened grandly in Foshan. The expo, with the theme of "Building Acoustics: Creating a Healthy Sound Environment," was held from March 25 to 27 at the Nanhai International Convention and Exhibition Center in Foshan. Top companies in the building acoustics industry from all over the country and professional visitors gathered in Foshan, injecting fresh blood into the development of the Chinese building acoustics industry. Professional visitors with the intention of procurement, strengthening connections, and mutual learning communicated with companies from all over the country, and communication was everywhere.

The Record of TianGe Acoustic Group's 2023 Acoustic Exhibition-2

Foshan local brand, TianGe Acoustic, brought a variety of industry exhibits to the expo, including Grooved Acoustic Panels, Fabric Acoustic Panels, Suspended Acoustic Baffles, Aluminium Grooved Acoustic Panels, Mgo Grooved Acoustic Panels, Sandrock Sound Absorbing Panels, High Density Fiber Acoustic Panels, WGF non-combustible sound absorbing panels, WCP sound absorbing panels, sound insulation panels, sound insulation doors, and environmentally friendly A-class non-combustible Acoustic Materials.

The Record of TianGe Acoustic Group's 2023 Acoustic Exhibition-3

On March 26th, the highly anticipated 4th China Building Acoustics Industry Development Summit of 2023 was held at the exhibition site. Over 500 attendees including guests and audiences were present. The general manager of Guangdong TianGe Acoustic Group Co., Ltd., Huang Xiaogang, gave a speech to share development experience and advanced technology and products in the field of architectural acoustics. The whole day was packed with valuable information, exploring the future of the industry, establishing opportunities for industry resource linkage and promoting the vigorous development of the industry ecosystem.

The Record of TianGe Acoustic Group's 2023 Acoustic Exhibition-4

The organizing committee of the exhibition conducted a special interview with Chairman Huang Xiaogang

During the event, the organizing committee conducted a special interview with Chairman Huang. Chairman Huang stated that the CAAF Building Acoustics Exhibition is a grand event in China's acoustics industry, providing an efficient platform for communication and cooperation, showcasing cutting-edge technologies, innovative products, and development trends. It offers new ideas and directions for the future development of the industry.

The Record of TianGe Acoustic Group's 2023 Acoustic Exhibition-5

Chairman Huang Xiaogang shared at the forum

In the 15 years since the company's establishment, we have continuously conducted product R&D and innovation. By learning new models of internet operations and utilizing global marketing platforms, we provide high-quality acoustic materials, professional acoustic decoration design and construction through a one-stop service to customers worldwide, saving them more than 20% in cost and over 30% in time. We aspire to be the practitioner of the F2EPC engineering mode for acoustic decoration in China.

The Record of TianGe Acoustic Group's 2023 Acoustic Exhibition-6

The award ceremony of the first "2023 China Building Acoustics Industry Grand Selection" gathered many great minds. After numerous rounds of selection, TianGe Acoustic was awarded the Top 10 Engineering Contractor, Top 10 Acoustic Design, and Leading Brand awards, standing out among more than 300 participating brands. More than 500 colleagues from the industry gathered on the scene to witness this sacred moment.

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