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Professional Grade Acoustic Panels

Professional Grade Acoustic Panels

17 Mar, 2023
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The acoustic panel products we sell are designed to control reflections and frequency response within a room, not soundproof it. The main purpose of acoustic panels is to control room reflections. Placing acoustic panels on the wall or ceiling can significantly improve room acoustics.

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TianGe Acoustic Panels are the energy that inspires, improving the aesthetic environment while providing significant sound absorbing benefits. Unlike soundproof materials, acoustical wall panels dampen unwanted sounds like reverb and echo, while leaving the hushed background sounds that human ears.

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The main purpose of acoustic panels is to remove residual sound in any space. When installed correctly in a room, acoustic panels can absorb or diffuse sound. Our acoustic panels are made with an extra-absorbent acoustic material. Combining aesthetics with acoustic performance.

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TianGe Acoustic panels use patented technology to eliminate echo and create a more comfortable acoustic environment no matter what type of space you have. Acoustic panels are sound absorbing elements to be fixed to the wall. They can be made of different materials and take different sizes, colors and shapes.

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