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The 121th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

The 121th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

08 Dec, 2022
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December has arrived, and in the blink of an eye has entered the winter. December is the time of expectation, may all the efforts of the year, are fruitful at this time. In the new month, we have a new look and vision. Our dreams and visions cannot be separated from the inculcation and nourishment of TianGe culture. We will continue to encourage each other, support each other, and walk towards the future with love and gratitude.

The theme of this Startup Meeting is "Redo, from the heart". Reorganize the thinking of individuals and teams, kill the shortcomings, develop the strengths, all good things, and start from the heart. This is a great opportunity to look at yourself and improve yourself.

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The Flag Raising Ceremony

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Corporate Culture Reading

    The corporate culture of TianGe is the soul of TianGe Acoustic. In every reading, every family member keeps the culture of TianGe in mind and tries to practice it in their work.

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A company that is only about wealth, share price and performance growth will not go far. Great companies must first have a vision and mission, which is the corporate culture. Corporate culture is the core competitiveness of a company. A good corporate culture enables employees to have a common code of conduct and allows all employees of the company to work towards a common goal.

Marketing Center Monthly Awards

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Wang colleague shared:

There are projects to unite and cooperate, with the company platform and team strength together to serve the customer well. To review beforehand, list out all the problem points, and provide professional acoustic decoration overall solutions for customers.

Sales runner-up Xie colleague shared:

Thank the old customer for the church project and receiving the money in time. Thank Director Li for her guidance and help. I feel that price negotiation is also a process of enjoyment, always based on the premise of creating benefits for customers.

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Sales champion Wei colleague shared:

This honor belongs to the company, to the team, and to everyone who has helped me. Thank you to each and every family member. Do sales to have ambition and want to sex. In the past took two third place, sales championship belief for a long time, today finally as desired. This drive, first accept, like, love, have to sex, have determination. Looking back on the first half of the year, in terms of learning to watch 2000 times video, brush 3000 test questions. Every moment is thinking how to be more professional and efficient in front of customers.

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The sales champion team

Anniversary Sharing

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There are such a group of people who have grown up with TianGe Acoustic, and it is because of their silent dedication that TianGe Acoustic is so brilliant today.

Today is the first anniversary of Ms. Tianxin's joining TianGe Acoustic, she sighed: one year is really fast, like a white horse passing by. In a sense, I am a old employee, and I have been associated with TianGe Acoustic for more than 5 years. First of all, I am very lucky to have met Mr. Huang 5 years ago, and I am fortunate to meet TianGe Acoustic and share the same values with TianGe Acoustic, so I can accompany TianGe Acoustic all the way, which is a very lucky thing. Although sometimes I can't sleep all night long, I feel very happy with the growth and cultivate myself from inside.

I am also very happy that every kindness and warmth of my family brings me infinite motivation to work, which is a spiritual lighthouse in many difficult times, so that I can still smile when I wake up the next day and persistently move forward. Here, I would like to thank Mr. Huang and every family member of TianGe Acoustic. In the future, only action can give back to everyone, only action can realize the wish of joining TianGe Acoustic, and try to make TianGe Acoustic become the leader of the industry.

Chairman Huang Encouraged

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The advancement of the enterprise cannot be achieved without the dedication of the helmsman, whose strategic thinking and strong will determine how far the enterprise can go. For each startup meeting, Mr. Huang prepared his speech with great care, knowing that every meeting is a good conduction of ideas. It is also every startup meeting, we learn new knowledge from him.

He often told us that "the more we share, the more we grow, and learning is the first competitive power of a company", and his usual work was very busy, but it did not change his heart. He stayed up all night to prepare the PPT for this speech, and he hoped we could all learn a little bit, and he hoped we could all know the real "goal management and action plan".

He believed that "everyone should learn management, and everyone should become a manager", and only when everyone knows how to manage, and everyone pays attention to profit, the company can be effective, bigger and stronger.

1. How to set goals? Goal management is a goal-oriented, people-centered, results-based standard, and the organization and individuals to achieve the best performance of modern management methods, commonly known as the accountability system. We must "calculate first and then fight, think first and then do; think clearly, in order to do understand", and target management quasi-seeking "Smart Management Principles".

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2. After setting a good goal, we need to work together to win the victory.

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3. focus on the process is the core of the goal to achieve the guarantee.

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4. Review. The process of achieving the goal, we need two plates "before the war with the sandbox, after the war with a review.

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December Challenge "Finale" Launching Ceremony

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Employee birthday party

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