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Why Do We Produce Akupanel Slatted Wood Acoustic Panel?

Why Do We Produce Akupanel Slatted Wood Acoustic Panel?

22 Nov, 2022
TAG: Akupanel, Slatted Wood Acoustic Panel

We are committed in producing a product that can not only decorate the interior, but also create a better sound environment. Therefore, through constant research and development, we finally succeeded in developing this Akupanel Slatted wood acoustic panel.

In modern Society, many people are disturbed by the noise of life. The Sound moves in waves through the room and they easily reflect on bare surfaces, This kind of sound will make us very painful. So we believe that traditional interior decoration materials must have a sound absorption effect, which will be more conducive to people's Life.

This means that the wood and polyester fiber materials we use fully meet the national environmental requirements. We pay more attention to environmental protection and the safety of product materials. To ensure people's, comfort and peace of mind in life. You don't need professional help to install the panels. Everyone can do it and it's the perfect DIY project.

TianGe Acoustic was founded in 2008. Since then, we have had a mission: Produce China Quality Products, Spread The Decorative Space With Natural Sound, and Give Endless Concern To Human Hearing.

These are our color samples, We have a big range of different colors and textures. So you can fine the product that fits exactly your need. You can read a lot more about this product on our website.

If you have any question, you are more than welcome to reach out, then our customer service team are ready to help you.

If you have more question, please feel free to contact with us, Thank You !

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