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Lishui Anti-epidemic, TianGe Acoustic in Action!

Lishui Anti-epidemic, TianGe Acoustic in Action!

18 Nov, 2022
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There are no heroes who fall from the sky, only mortals who step forward. They are the employees of the enterprise and the volunteers who have no choice but to volunteer. They went to the front line and built a "Great Wall of Epidemic Prevention" with love and dedication.

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From their own jobs to the front line of "epidemic prevention", they are "epidemic fighters" who devote themselves to their work, rise to the challenges and face the risks without fear. With their shoulders, they have passed on the spirit of dedication that "the first heart is always there to live up to the time, and when the epidemic is in progress, they are responsible for it"!

On October 26, in response to the government's call, members of the party branch of TianGe Acoustic and young volunteers, led by party branch secretary Huang Xiaogang, volunteered to join the epidemic prevention work in Lishui.

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Under the guidance of the person in charge of the community volunteer team, TianGe Acoustic team members quickly joined the Lishui Hongqi community nucleic acid sampling site to carry out on-site order maintenance work.

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At the scene, the TianGe Acoustic team and the epidemic prevention workers present together, despite the hardships, stood for more than 5 hours to guide the public to carry out nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner according to the process.

The volunteers were not only proficient in their work skills, but also served carefully and meticulously, and finally completed the nucleic acid testing task successfully.

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The situation of the epidemic is serious and complicated, unity is strength, only unity of mind, the will of the people, with the belief of victory, cooperate with the government to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and contribute their own strength as much as possible, only in this way, we can overcome the epidemic and create a healthy and beautiful living environment!

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