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The 120th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

The 120th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

09 Nov, 2022
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On Nov. 7, TianGe family members gathered in the multi-functional hall of the company and held a grand "The 120th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic".

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The Flag Raising Ceremony

Every flag-raising ceremony perfectly shows the corporate culture and team morale of TianGe and gives the greatest encouragement to all the family members.

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Corporate Culture Reading

The corporate culture of TianGe is the soul of TianGe Acoustic. In every reading, every family member keeps the culture of TianGe in mind and tries to practice it in their work.

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TianGe Acoustic October Events Highlights Review

Time to witness the footsteps that the struggler never stops, In October, TianGe Acoustic nearly ten projects were completed. Thanks to the trust and support of TianGe Acoustic for the majority of new and old customers. Your understanding and trust are our strong motivation for our improvement. Your concern and support are our growth. Everyone, every proposal, makes us grateful and promotes our forge. We will create a happy life for our family with more hard service and better products.

Team Morale Display

The spirit changes the business, the state determines everything, the successful always pursue better; the new month, look forward to the family can be in the chopping good results, such as the bold voice and the magnificent morale of the general climbing.

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Marketing Center Monthly Awards

Every member and team of TianGe Acoustic is excellent, they make me deeply feel that success is inseparable from the collaboration, mutual trust and joint efforts of every member in the team, and realize that as long as we work together, we can accomplish the seemingly impossible tasks, they are more like a brave and invincible attacking army, proving their excellence with wisdom, sweat and bravery, they constantly challenge themselves and accomplish the goals again and again, completing the breakthrough and transformation of themselves and the team.

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He colleague

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The sales champion team

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Anniversary Sharing

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Teacher Tianxin's Encouragement

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Changes in the general environment can determine your success or failure; changes in the general environment are sometimes invisible, we must always pay attention, learn more, be more alert, and welcome change; too comfortable environment often contains the danger.

The habitual way of life is perhaps the most threatening to you. The only way to change all this is to keep innovating, to break the old patterns; to perceive small changes in trends, we must "stop" and think from a different perspective, and learning is the best way to discover change.

As the saying goes: "Born in worry, die in peace and happiness". As long as we can do with the scene to think of danger and adversity to think of change, we will definitely put an end to the "warm boiled frog" type of tragedy repeated.

Chairman Huang Encouraged

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Mr. Huang, as the helmsman of TianGe Acoustic, constantly encourages and supports the family members of TianGe.

In the work, each of our employees is not an independent individual, the correspondence between departments and departments, and the cooperation between people and work are closely connected. Therefore, the heart must have the sense of the overall relationship of common collaboration and interdependence;

Chairman Huang also shared the facts about the current external social and employment environment, and made the general direction of how to do a good job in the process of the family's future work, to better improve their professional skills, to penetrate into the customer's psychology, to lean service, to get the customer's approval, and to achieve stable performance.

Employee Birthday Party

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