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The 119th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

The 119th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

11 Oct, 2022
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In September, we sweated, went all out, worked hard, and achieved fruitful results; October, let us continue to create glory, let us use a firm belief to usher in a good start; On October 7, TianGe Acoustic held the 119th Startup Meeting.

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The Flag Raising Ceremony

The bright five-star red flag rises gradually under the control of the flag bearer. The bright red is so bright and eye-catching; it is the revolutionary martyrs who dyed the flag red with blood to exchange for our happiness and peace today.

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Corporate Culture Reading

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TianGe Acoustic's mission: to create excellent Chinese acoustic products, to convey the sound of nature in the world, and to give people infinite care for hearing.

TianGe Acoustic's vision: to become a first-class overall solution provider for acoustic environment and create a happy life for all the company's staff.

Team Morale Display

Various teams are full of vigor, and all elites move forward, greeting October challenges with a new spiritual appearance.

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Marketing Center Monthly Awards

On the podium, the trophy, cash, certificates and flowers are placed. These honors and rewards represent the company's affirmation of their hard work, and also represents customers' sincere praise for them, and also represent their own efforts and sweat.

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Liu colleague shared:

The biggest technique of recovering the money is to do your job well, do your best to do your own services for customers, let customers trust you, and then communicate with customers in advance before shipping.

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Sales second runner-up Wei colleague shared:

Stubborn fighting will and excellent fighting style are important factor in winning victory; There is no tenacious will, no quality of sacrifice, no matter how good weapons and equipment, you cannot guarantee victory; Our victory has no end, only surpassing, And all transcendence comes from thinking and action.

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Sales runner-up Xie colleague shared:

Customers have always believed in the engineering and materials made by TianGe Acoustic, and also witnessed the rapid development of TianGe Acoustic; It really costs a lot of thoughts to maintain an old customer, Thanks to the trust and support of the TianGe Acoustic and customers.

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Sales champion Huang colleague shared:

The business is actually to win the approval and trust of customers, and in the end, we can sell our products to them. If we have doubts about our products, how can we sell the product to our customers and how can we finally reach the transaction? To make customers believe your product, the first thing is that you must definitely believe in the company and believe in your products.

In this way, the potential method of being able to achieve transactions in your consciousness can be burst out; Believe yourself, believe in the company, and believe that the team is your prerequisite for success. Confidence is the only good medicine for the treatment of failure; A positive attitude can create persistence, enthusiasm and success.

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The sales champion team shared:

The growth of a champion team did not happen overnight. They paid a lot of efforts, had troubles, frustrations, and also took into account work and life. This is a work with a lot of challenges and a great gain. It requires personal persistence and the help of the team. The platform of TianGe Acoustic has a lot of dreams, with many people's dreams, and many people have realized their dreams. We believe that on the way to becoming the champion team, you will definitely have your footprints. Let's cheer together!

In the third quarter, the cadre goal reached award

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Anniversary Sharing

The development of an enterprise is inseparable from employees. Thank you for your enthusiastic work and hard work.

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September Purchasing Festival Reward

The world will not live up to every effort and persistence, let alone everyone who will be neglected and brave, every effort and persistence, every hard work and struggle, you should have the sound. Persevere and hard work.

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The new department (Tianyi team) is established

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Li colleague shared

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Chairman Huang Encouraged

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Each outstanding person must self-discipline, self-healing, and self-motivate:

Self-discipline: seriously manage the time, do the most important thing every day, see the most important person;

Self-healing: Successful persons must have the ability to heal wounds to have the opportunity to accept greater challenges and more excellence;

Self-motivate: No matter how tired it is, how difficult it is to challenge, as long as you appear in front of the public, immediately passionate light and affect others;

No matter where you are, you must be down -to -earth to do things. You must win the approval and trust of the customer, The dream does not care about the heat. What you care about is persistence. The dream will be realized. You must do all the action factions and act immediately. As long as you act, you can better find a way out.

Employee birthday party

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Thank you for your hard work, We will express my heartfelt thanks to you here! Happy birthday!

If you have more question, please feel free to contact with us, Thank You !

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