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The 117th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

The 117th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

08 Aug, 2022
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On August 5th, the August Startup Meeting came as scheduled. TianGe Acoustic's family gathered together in the company's multi-functional hall, and held a grand August Startup meeting; each TianGe Acoustic's family members were excited to jointly discuss the eight Monthly work to set goals.

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The Flag Raising Ceremony

The bright five-star red flag rises gradually under the control of the flag bearer. The bright red is so bright and eye-catching; it is the revolutionary martyrs who dyed the flag red with blood to exchange for our happiness and peace today.

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Corporate Culture Reading

Corporate culture is the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of an enterprise, a reflection of the degree of civilization of an enterprise, and the source of the transformation of knowledge-based production into material-based productivity. When the company faces new situations, new tasks, new opportunities and new challenges, in order to win in the fierce market competition, make the company bigger and stronger, and realize the leap-forward development of the company, it must establish a "cultural management" The concept of "enterprise" and "prospering enterprise with culture".

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TianGe Acoustic's mission: to create excellent Chinese acoustic products, to convey the sound of nature in the world, and to give people infinite care for hearing.

TianGe Acoustic's vision: to become a first-class overall solution provider for acoustic environment and create a happy life for all the company's staff.

Team Morale Display

A passionate team is inseparable from a passionate heart, a continuous improvement team is inseparable from unswerving beliefs, and a team that bravely climbs the peak is inseparable from a strong cohesion. The morale display of each team made everyone feel the good spirit that a good team should have.

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Marketing Center Monthly Awards

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Qin colleague shared:

Dunning is not a shameful thing, and there are no punch lines. The most effective way is to speak directly; payment collection often takes advantage of this advantage, and comprehensively uses emotions, relationships, and interests to persuade customers to pay them back or Multiple repayments; after repayment, good cooperation and interpersonal relationships are maintained!

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Sales second runner-up Xie colleague shared:

Don't ignore those small orders, sometimes they seem to be small orders; in fact, they are big customers, and big customers are cultivated by you. Many customers are inspecting your integrity through small orders to see if they can become bigger with you. order, so we have to make an effective commitment to the intended customers.

Sales runner-up Huang colleague shared:

In foreign trade, in order to ensure a stable source of profit, the most important thing is to have sufficient customer resources; Among them, the old foreign trade customers are our most important foreign trade business supporters; First of all, regular contact is definitely essential. This kind of regular contact can often brush our presence, so that old foreign trade customers can feel our presence from time to time, so as to prevent customers from forgetting us; Secondly, it is necessary to take the initiative to treat old foreign trade customers, be patient, and at the same time have a little skill; Finally, for old foreign trade customers, no matter how well our external work is done, the most important thing for customers is the quality of products. Therefore, in the process of maintaining old foreign trade customers, we not only need to keep in touch with old customers on a regular basis, but also keep the heat of contact, so that customers can always think of us, Another very important point is to strictly control the quality factors of products, strictly supervise all aspects of product production, ensure the reliability of product quality, win with quality, and win the favor of customers with high-quality service.

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Sales champion Zeng colleague shared:

I am very honored to get this championship honor again in July. June and July are the two busy months of this year, and the two most rewarding months. Second, I must first keep myself busy when doing business. , we don鈥檛 care if there is any gain or not, we will do it first and then talk about it. At any time, from our perspective as a marketing and business, it is more of a matter of doing it first. With hard work, every effort and every effort planted in our fertile soil, it will always germinate, bloom and bear fruit.

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The sales champion team shared:

The team is like a family. The unity and harmony of the members of the family are connected by a very rich feeling. When dealing with customers, we must be proactive, patient, and have a little skill.

New Colleague Share

The injection of fresh blood makes the company stronger and full of passion and vitality; this is the runway for new members to get high scores, and it is also the runway for all employees to take off. No matter how capable and how ambitious, you can show your strengths here.

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Apprenticeship Ceremony

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Teacher Tianxin's Encouragement

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There are many right things, but things that can really bring long-term value and have core competitiveness are often difficult things, with high thresholds, and cannot be easily accomplished overnight; difficult and correct things require courage and determination. , once you choose to do it, you also need enough patience and delayed gratification; but when one day, you do it well enough, and thus build the ability to moat. Each of us should always think about where is our core competitiveness and ability value? and how to build it? I think the answer should be: keep doing the hard and right things.

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