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The 116th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

The 116th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

13 Jul, 2022
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The drum beat in June has ended, and July embarks on the journey; July is the day to fly, and July is the day to work hard; in the new month, we have a new look; inseparable from the TianGe Acoustic culture Nurture and nourish. TianGe people will continue to encourage and appreciate each other, full of love and gratitude, and move towards the future.

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The theme of 116th Startup Meeting is "Blue Ocean Action Month", and our market can be roughly divided into "Red Sea" and "Blue Ocean". "Red Sea" represents the known market space, and it is a strategy that is confined to the existing industries to do brutal competition and snatch customers from competitors, which is called the Red Sea Strategy or the Bloody or Red Ocean Strategy.

"Blue Ocean" represents the unknown market space. If an enterprise wants to win tomorrow, it can't rely on competing with its competitors. Instead, it should create "Blue Ocean"-a new market space with huge demand, so as to embark on the road of growth.

In other words, the so-called "blue ocean strategy" means that TianGe changed from focusing on and surpassing competitors (getting rid of the "Red Sea") to providing value leap to buyers, thus opening up huge potential demand and rebuilding market and industrial boundaries (creating "blue ocean"). Because we know that the real opportunity is to open up the blue sea and create less competitive market space.

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The Flag Raising Ceremony

Every time we hear the national anthem, we can't help but feel a sense of pride and pride. We are grateful to our ancestors for moving forward with a heavy burden, to the wise leadership of the Communist Party, and to cherish the hard-won peace.

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Corporate Culture Reading

If a company is only for the growth of wealth, stock price and performance, it will not go far. A great enterprise must first have a lofty ideal and mission, that is, corporate culture. Corporate culture is the core competitiveness of a company. A good corporate culture enables employees to have a common code of conduct and enables all employees of the company to work towards a common goal.

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TianGe Acoustic's mission: to create excellent Chinese acoustic products, to convey the sound of nature in the world, and to give people infinite care for hearing.

TianGe Acoustic's vision: to become a first-class overall solution provider for acoustic environment and create a happy life for all the company's staff.

Team Morale Display

To become bigger and stronger, an enterprise cannot do without a strong sales team.

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Marketing Center Monthly Awards

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Ding colleague shared:

The church project in Singapore will be shipped after receiving the money in the month. Thank you Ms. Li for his guidance and help. I feel that price negotiation is also a process of enjoyment, and it is always based on the premise of creating benefits for customers.

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Sales second runner-up Du colleague shared:

There are projects that need to use the company platform and team strength to serve customers well. It is necessary to review in advance, list all the problem points, and provide customers with a professional overall solution for acoustic decoration.

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Sales champion Wu colleague shared:

This honor belongs to the company, to the team, to everyone who has helped me. Thanks to every partner. To do sales, you need to be ambitious and serious. I have won the third place twice in the past, and I have long believed in being a sales champion, and today I finally got my wish. This drive, first of all to accept, like, fall in love with, to be important and determined. Looking back on the first half of the year, in terms of learning, I watched 2,000 second-level construction engineer videos, and brushed 3,000 second-level construction test questions. Every moment is thinking about how to be more professional and efficient in front of customers.

The sales champion team

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Rewards for achievement of cadres' quarterly goals

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June "Million Heroes"

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Distribution of dividends to shareholders

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Anniversary Sharing

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There are such a group of people who grew up with TianGe Acoustic, and it is because of their silent dedication that TianGe Acoustic is today's glory.

New Colleague Share

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Chairman Huang Encouraged

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TianGe Acoustic's marketing development concept and tactics in the third quarter:

1. Development philosophy: Persist in doing the hard and right things.

2. Tactics in the third quarter: customer thinking, product thinking, technical thinking, (professional acoustic knowledge) training courses, go all out.

3. Guided by strategic goals, prepare organization and human resources in advance, provide effective management support and resources, and allow employees to fully display their strengths under the established rules to support the realization of strategic goals.

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