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The 114th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

The 114th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

07 May, 2022
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Spring dies and summer solstice, everything grows recklessly, and everywhere you look is a warm breath of life. Accompanied by the sound of cicadas, let us review the wonderful moments together.

The 114th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic-1

The Flag Raising Ceremony

Every time we hear the national anthem, we can't help but feel a sense of pride. We are grateful to our ancestors, to the wise leadership of the Communist Party, and to cherish the hard-won peace.

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Corporate Culture Reading

TianGe Acoustic's mission: to create excellent Chinese acoustic products, to convey the sound of nature in the world, and to give people infinite care for hearing.

TianGe Acoustic's vision: to become a first-class overall solution provider for acoustic environment and create a happy life for all the company's staff.

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Team Morale Display

To become bigger and stronger, an enterprise cannot do without a strong sales team.

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Marketing Center Monthly Awards

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Ye colleague shared:

Thank you TianGe Acoustic, it was the first time I won the award, and I always wanted to win it. The secret is to stick to the principle and collect the payment before delivery. Of course, In the early stage, we must serve customers well, so that customers can rest assured that good quality and compliance with credit are the most important.

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Sales second runner-up Liu colleague shared:

Thanks to the company platform and the leadership for guidance. There are two main orders in April. Always remember, there will be reverberations. Provide high-quality service to customers, always pay attention to the dynamics of customers. Each customer characteristic is kept in mind, and the key points of the negotiation are recorded.

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Sales runner-up Qin colleague shared:

I am very excited. Thanks to the company's platform. This month's performance mainly comes from projects in Hebei and Xiamen. Thanks to the support of Vice President Li and Director Luo of the factory. If there is a project, you should inform the leader. Many people refer to different methods, and they will be more helpful when they are helpless. direction. Go all out, customers can feel it. Insist on calling customers every day to understand their needs and give customers a sense of security.

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Sales champion Wei colleague shared:

Thanks to the company platform, hard work is important, choice is more important than hard work. Finally, choose a platform that is mature in all aspects, and come to Tiange Acoustic. Growth is inseparable from platform resources. The achievements in April mainly come from the old customers in the past six months, which can make the old customers continue to buy in a short period of time. Customers must follow closely, overcome the time difference and distance, grasp the golden time, do not underestimate the growth of each small customer, and pay more attention to each small customer. Every customer, good service bit by bit, and making customers profitable is our ultimate goal. Also, try to be your best self. A good start, creating more benefits for customers and more value for the company in the future.

The sales champion team

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Anniversary Sharing

There are such a group of people who grew up with TianGe Acoustic, and it is because of their silent dedication that TianGe Acoustic is today's glory.

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[Colleague Li's 2th Anniversary]

Thanks to the company platform, thanks to the Leader, thanks to the master, I have moved many times, and I am very impressed. The choice is very important, the choice of the platform must be persistent, trust her.

[Colleague Liu's 3th Anniversary]

Thanks to the company’s platform. Sometimes I look at the original interview notice. It’s really amazing. I used to feel more comfortable, but now I like the feeling of making money, and I have more opportunities. I thank myself for three years of persistence and change. Feeling. Change, accept, improve, keep learning, follow the company, stick to it step by step, and Now I am better than before. At the beginning, I was a little uncomfortable, and I firmly believed that it was the right choice to come here. In the early stage, it grew in the soil, just like bamboo shoots, and it will definitely flourish in the future.

[Colleague Wu's 4th Anniversary]

Before I entered TianGe, I was seriously out of touch with the society. At the beginning of the 2,000 yuan trial period, I was very uncomfortable. I did it slowly and found that the company culture was very good and harmonious. Two years later, the company's strategy changed, GoodSound Acoustic was established, and the team gradually became stronger. Whenever I saw that the team's income was not ideal, I burst into tears, often worked overtime, and worked hard to make the team live better. I look forward to the future. Win a team championship.

Chairman Huang Encouraged

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1. Everyone must have the ability to make money. As a business person, at least consider the next three months. People have no foresight and must have immediate worries. It is necessary to precipitate, learn, and progress.

2. Choice is more important than hard work, and if you choose, stick to it.

3. The current environment is not good, you have to endure it. Judging from various circumstances, the future economic situation is not optimistic.

4. The national economy is driven by domestic demand and self-improvement. The internal driving force of the economy is the main thread of the future.

5. It is our unshirkable responsibility to increase the tax amount and solve the employment problem.

6. Since May, we will take over domestic marketing in an all-round way. When the industry company is very difficult, we will take the lead in creating value for customers on the front line of the business. We hope that every department will work together to overcome the difficulties.

7. Reading is very important. The team reads a book together to improve their minds. I recommend Kazuo Inamori's "Heart", Kazuo Inamori's business philosophy is of great help to everyone's career and family. 500 years ago in China, there was Yangming Mind Learning, to improve mind, expand business, and focus on mind. From the inside to the outside, it consists of five levels: the true self, the soul, the instinct, the sensibility, and the rationality. The Six diligence to improve the mind. As a human being, what is right is the key to success and happiness. All success is attributed to altruism. If you want to turn around, you have to put your heart and soul into it. Grind on things, practice on things. Dedicated to work and study. Keep improving yourself.

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