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The 109th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

The 109th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

01 Mar, 2022
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On the way forward, I am not afraid of ten thousand people stopping me, but I am afraid of surrendering myself; Life's sail, not afraid of the wind and waves, I'm afraid I have no guts! If there is a road, go boldly; If you have a dream, fly boldly. In the autumn harvest season, The 108th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic officially started.

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The theme of this Startup Meeting is "Blue Ocean Action Month", and our market can be roughly divided into "Red Sea" and "Blue Ocean". "Red Sea" represents the known market space, and it is a strategy that is confined to the existing industries to do brutal competition and snatch customers from competitors, which is called the Red Sea Strategy or the Bloody or Red Ocean Strategy.

"Blue Ocean" represents the unknown market space. If an enterprise wants to win tomorrow, it can't rely on competing with its competitors. Instead, it should create "Blue Ocean"-a new market space with huge demand, so as to embark on the road of growth.

In other words, the so-called "blue ocean strategy" means that TianGe changed from focusing on and surpassing competitors (getting rid of the "Red Sea") to providing value leap to buyers, thus opening up huge potential demand and rebuilding market and industrial boundaries (creating "blue ocean"). Because we know that the real opportunity is to open up the blue sea and create less competitive market space.

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The Flag Raising Ceremony

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Under the protection of our strong motherland, TianGe Acoustic has entered the acoustic industry for the thirteenth year in the prosperous and peaceful era. We should keep up with the pace of economic development of the motherland. At the same time of development, we should also take on more social responsibilities and give back to the motherland with actions.

Corporate Culture Reading

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Team Morale Display

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The 109th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic-7

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If an enterprise wants to be bigger and stronger, it can't be separated from an iron army sales team with combat effectiveness.

Marketing Center Monthly Awards

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Xu colleague shared:

Do a good job in customer service, effectively solve customer problems, and remind customers to pay the final payment in time, so as not to delay the delivery schedule and construction period, and make customers more worry-free.

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Sales runner-up Ding colleague shared:

Thanks to the company for supporting the project operation, the old customers should be carefully maintained. Persistence is victory. If you encounter something that consumes you, you should stop the loss in time, in the wrong direction, and your efforts will be in vain.

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Sales champion Huang colleague shared:

When I first came to the company, I wanted to get this honor. Finally, I got the first place in the company's performance because of the activities of the September Procurement Festival. I thought more from the customer's point of view. For foreign customers, I should remind the other party that due to the long shipping time, I can prepare more goods in advance.

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The sales champion team shared:

The September Championship is a great challenge. The friends in the team have the same goal, encourage and urge each other. When you are tired, you should adjust your mentality, think more about other ways to improve your performance, think more, reflect more, and refer to what the excellent people do.

Newcomer Champion Sharing

Champion Huang colleague:

As a newcomer, everyone has a chance to win the championship. After all, every newcomer is not just one person. There are powerful companies, teams and colleagues behind it. We are not fighting alone.

New Colleague Share

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Although I work in the factory, I will try my best to cooperate with everyone.

Anniversary Sharing

There are such a group of people who grew up with TianGe, and it is precisely because of their silent efforts that TianGe is brilliant today.

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[Colleague Chen's 5th Anniversary]

Time flies, thanks to the company's platform for providing so many learning opportunities for myself. Looking back on my first entry into this industry, I don't understand many places, which belongs to a blank sheet of paper. In these five years, I witnessed the expansion of the factory, the building of the exhibition hall on the 7th floor of the company and the establishment of the design institute on the 8th floor. I believe that the company is getting better and better under the joint leadership of President Huang and President Li.

Awarded by Reading Star

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Promotion Ceremony

Congratulations to Colleague Xian for being promoted from senior salesman to acting (deputy) team manager, responsible for assisting the manager in the daily management of the team.

The 109th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic-16

Colleague Xian shared: Thanks to the company's trust, in the last quarter of this year, the identity has changed, and I will assist Manager Xie more attentively to make the team the first echelon of TianGe.

Chairman Huang Encouraged

Don't be afraid of a crisis, a crisis is both a crisis and an opportunity. Since the company started to hold reading sharing in March, the effect has been very good. Only by studying more can we improve the height of thinking and see farther. What you see on the 1st floor is different from what you see on the 10th floor. Doing a lot of things for the first time makes you nervous, but only after you have experienced it the first time and overcome it, you will not be so nervous when you do it the second time. The two most difficult things in the world are: without breaking the laws and regulations, 1. Put other people's money into your own pocket; 2. Put your own thoughts into other people's heads.

The 109th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic-17

In terms of company management, Mr. Huang also pointed out the direction for us:

1. A central idea is that the company must be business-centric, so that the business can complete the "5 zeros": a new entry into the company's business can earn 100,000 a year; a 2-year business in the company can earn 100,000 in half a year ; If you have come to the company for 3 years, you can earn 100,000 in a quarter; if you have come to the company for more than 3 years, you can earn 100,000 a month in a year.

2. Three basic concepts: let everyone who joins the company grow; let everyone who works hard have success; let everyone who stays in the company have something to rely on.

3. Five management elements: have you done it; Is it finished; where you are doing well; where you are not doing well; how to do it better.

4. Seven implementation standards: customer documentation, copywriting promotion, fan attention, inquiry communication, sample delivery, deposit in place, and final payment to the account.

5. Nine key actions: lock the direction and target, complete and accurate information, reach marketing promotion, activate value shaping, clear quotation demand, accurate sample matching, invoice victory in sight, successful payment signing, and final payment delivery.

Finally, Mr. Huang also brought us top ten successful internal trainings:

1. Responsibility, dare to bear the consequences, and have the courage to be responsible for one's own choice;

2. Learning ability, keep pace with the times, and constantly learn new knowledge to improve yourself;

3. Do not back down when encountering problems, and actively seek solutions;

4. Work attitude, positive and optimistic, united and friendly, serious and responsible;

5. Iterative thinking, continuous trial and error, continuous optimization, and continuous improvement;

6. The goal is firm, move forward bravely, and the goal will be achieved;

7. Position skills, strengthen the necessary tools in the work, and pay attention to self-development;

8. Ways of thinking, constantly strengthening structured thinking, eclectic;

9. Strong willingness to devote wholeheartedly to the work I am engaged in;

10. The meaning of hard work is to look at people and things that you like.

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The usual accumulation is for the future. The reason why people become excellent is because of their unremitting efforts. When others are still resting, some people are still paying and growing silently.


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