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The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics

20 Jan, 2022
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Time is like the flow of water, all the way forward, in a blink of an eye, July has passed, and August is here! The good past is always short, because the future is even better. August, the most prosperous season of the year, came to us without hesitation with all the vigorous passion and all the warm hopes. In this passionate August, the 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics came as scheduled.

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-1

Flag Raising Ceremony

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-2

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-3

Every time the flag-raising ceremony kicks off the conference, TianGe's family members are excited, Gratitude for the forerunners, cherish today's hard-won life, and thank the company and family for their help and dedication. Self-improvement and gratitude are the corporate culture of TianGe Acoustics, and it is also something that every TianGe person does.

Corporate Culture

Every time the corporate culture of the Startup Meeting is announced, the host will lead everyone to read it together: It is TianGe's mission to create excellent Chinese acoustic products, to convey the sound of nature in the world, and to give people's infinite care for hearing. Self-improvement, gratitude, cooperation, no impossibility, great, I am the root of everything are TianGe's values. Each reading gives us a different feeling and a deeper understanding of TianGe's corporate culture.

Watch the promotional video

Watching the promotional video allows every family member of TianGe to understand the efforts and achievements of TianGe Acoustics, feel the power of TianGe, and give the family more and greater confidence. We are a total solution provider for acoustic decoration.

Watch the video of the company's activities in the first half of 2021

In TianGe's memoirs, the days go by, all the way, all the way moved, all the way grateful!

Team morale display

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The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-5

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-6

Vigorous and high-spirited, the success of any enterprise is inseparable from the high fighting spirit and determination of its employees. In the most prosperous August, the team morale display is even more vigorous and passionate, maintain a lasting best state, and walk towards this goal, so that life will be full of passion! Infect every family member present with a spirited and positive team style!

Marketing Center Monthly Awards

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-7

Huang colleague shared:

Some things depend on the timing, and firm up your principles!

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-8

Sales second runner-up Li colleague shared:

Thanks to the company platform, and to the full support of President Huang and Director Luo. At the same time, team spirit, overall awareness, cooperation spirit and service spirit are very important.

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-9

Sales runner-up Li colleague shared:

Good relationships can make people feel good, and bad relationships can make people feel lost and frustrated.

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-10

Sales champion Xu colleague shared:

There is only one difficulty, and there are many ways. As long as you have a positive attitude, this is an opportunity to exercise your growth. Never be afraid!

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-11

The sales champion team shared:

When doing anything important, you can't relax your vigilance. You need to work rigorously, control every step, and complete it smoothly.

Newcomer champion sharing

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-12

Champion Huang colleague:

Thanks company, Meet good customers on a good platform! Keep going!

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-13

Runner-up Pang colleague:

Whether in good times or in adversity, always remember to reflect on yourself and prevent your pride from swelling to extremes, making good things bad and bad things worse!

New colleague share

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-14

New blood, new strength, in August of this prosperous season, new colleague join the TianGe family. I believe that TianGe Acoustics can give him a wider space for growth, and I believe that he can add brilliance to TianGe, Add bricks and mortar!

Anniversary Sharing

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-15

Time flies, and the days of some family members entering the company are already measured in years. Looking back on their own growth with TianGe Acoustics, the sincere feelings are surging at the scene.

Awarded by Reading Star

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-16

Read more, read good books, and learn about culture once a month, and each time has a different harvest and feeling.

Commendation in July

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-17

Colleague Huang: The article on the architectural acoustic decoration design of the theater has a detailed description, highlights the key points, and has been well received.

Colleague Xie: In the convening matters of the engineering project meeting, it was actively organized and implemented in place, and praise was given.

Colleague Du: He actively cooperated with the engineering director and project manager to supervise the construction during the decoration and construction of the egg house on the eighth floor, and gave him praise.

Colleague Huang: In accordance with the project management system of the Engineering Department, actively cooperate with the data staff of the Engineering Department to collect project management information and give praise.

In addition, special recognition is given to Colleague Chen, Colleague Fung, Colleague Tang and Colleague Fung.

Chairman Huang's comments: It is also a direction of TianGe Culture to place the commendation award at the Startup meeting. It is expected that leaders of other departments can apply for commendation if they find good colleagues. A company must have an employee reward and punishment system, and rewards and punishments must be clearly defined!

TianGe Acoustics cultural inherit sharing

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-18

Vice President Li shared:

1. Great culture: Mentality is very important, accounting for more than 60%, ability is only a part, don’t be afraid of setbacks, adjust your mentality and then you must deal with it positively

2. There is no impossible culture: As long as the thinking does not slip, there are always more methods than difficulties. As the saying goes, no matter how difficult a thing is, no matter how difficult it is to deal with the situation, as long as you face it positively and use your brains, you can always find a solution.

3. Gratitude culture: do every job with a grateful attitude, and be willing to show gratitude for the benefits and give back to others.

4. Learning culture: Society is developing, human beings are progressing, and society’s requirements for everyone are also very harsh. Humans can only adapt to the social environment but cannot adapt the social environment to human beings. If they stop, they will be eliminated by society.

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-19

Director Luo shared:

1. Family culture: In terms of work, I cooperate with my colleagues. No matter the severity of the work or the priority of the work, we can complete the work efficiently. This is the teamwork spirit of the company's family culture; In terms of life, I have participated in all the activities organized by the company, and have personally experienced the quality of family culture.

2. Great culture: When encountering problems, we must actively face them, actively overcome them, and not be afraid of difficulties!

3. Military culture: There are many things that require a fire in the heart to succeed!

4. There is no impossible culture: hold a joyful mood! Nothing is impossible!

5. Mentoring culture: show the good side.

6. Problem-solving attitude: It is not terrible to find a problem, it is mainly a problem-solving attitude!

7. Gratitude culture: The real gratitude culture is imprinted in our hearts. It is not a false feeling or an expression of words. It is necessary to take practical actions, feel more, share more, and experience more!

Chairman Huang Encouraged

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-20

Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and an inexhaustible driving force for its development. It contains very rich content, and its core is the spirit and values of the enterprise. The values here do not generally refer to various cultural phenomena in enterprise management, but the values held by the enterprise or its employees in their business activities.

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-21

August birthday party

The 107th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustics-22

At the end, a warm birthday party was also held on the spot to offer birthday wishes to the family members who were born in August. We cut cakes, blew candles, and made beautiful wishes together. On everyone's faces filled with happy smiles, we felt more and more the deep love of TianGe, a warm and big family!


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