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The 106th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

The 106th Startup Meeting of TianGe Acoustic

08 Nov, 2021
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Army Culture·Flag Raising Ceremony

The first to enter the venue was the red flag phalanx composed of four managers. They took vigorous steps, solemnly and solemnly held the bright five-star red flag, and entered the venue with their heads high. The 106th Startup meeting of TianGe Acoustics in 2021 officially begins in the solemn national anthem.

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Corporate Culture

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Team Morale Display

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Each team is full of morale, and their team name is quite loud. They all have their unique team culture and team spirit, and they also show their demeanor and inspire their fighting spirit by shouting out team slogans!

Monthly Awards From The Marketing Center

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Sales second runner-up Xian colleague shared:

1.) I am grateful to the company platform and every family member of TianGe Acoustics for their support and help.

2.) Serve customers well, provide customers with better and better services, and satisfy customers is our goal.

Sales runner-up Zhu colleague shared:

1.) Do everything with your heart, and feel the company culture and strategy with your heart.

2.) Knowing how to seek help is also a great gain and growth.

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Sales champion Cen colleague shared:

1.) As a qualified acoustic consultant, we must not only have professional product knowledge, but also accurately understand customer needs.

2.) To do a project, we must do a good job of customer service, pay attention to the problems that customers think, and provide cooperation with customers with a humble attitude.

3.) Thanks to every family member of TianGe Acoustics for their strong support and coordinated operations. An overall solution project is not only a force for sales, but the strength of the team behind it is the key. We provide professional acoustic design and acoustic material production on time for customers. Quality delivery, professional construction services, and attentive service have won the trust of customers.

Chairman Huang comments:

1. When doing business, talk about dialogue, find the right key person, and communicate information in a standardized manner.

2. We are a professional service provider of overall acoustic decoration solutions and can provide customers with high-quality services.

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The sales champion team shared:

1.) Helping others will make you happy.

2.) Continue to go forward with great concentration and create greater glories.

Newcomer champion sharing

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Champion Huang colleague:

1.) Leveraging on the teamwork and overall solution capabilities of the TianGe Acoustics, it is easier to make a deal;

2.) Enthusiastically receive every customer, sincerely serve, answer patiently, and handle affairs attentively.

Runner-up Xu colleague:

1. Do practical things sincerely, do your best to solve problems, and persevere in doing good deeds.

New colleagues share

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Huang Colleague:

1.) I feel that Chairman Huang pays great attention to every newcomer.I felt Chairman Huang’s deep feelings for the company he founded, as if he was gestating his own child;

2.) Under the influence of such an excellent culture, I believe that through my own efforts, I can become an excellent acoustic consultant as soon as possible and create value for the company.

Xu Colleague:

1.) I feel that the company is very harmonious, the team is passionate, and the colleagues are amiable.

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Anniversary Sharing

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Every family member has different feelings about TianGe Acoustics' corporate culture. The family shared their own growth and gains in TianGe Acoustics.

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Chairman Huang Encouraged

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1.) The spirit of solidarity and cooperation is one of the basic qualities that every member of the society should possess. There is always no power alone, and being a group is always the highest need of all kind-minded people.

2.) Cultivating teamwork spirit must be based on creating a positive and harmonious working environment and interpersonal relationship.

3.) The spirit of unity and cooperation is the driving force and soul of enterprise team production.

4.) Teamwork is not a virtue, but a choice-a strategic choice.

5.) Put yourself in consideration for others, understand each other, and tolerate each other.

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