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14 Decorative Acoustic Panel Ideas [2021]

14 Decorative Acoustic Panel Ideas [2021]

30 Jul, 2021
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Acoustic panels help reduce unwanted reflected sound in any room of your home or building (that’s what makes noisy restaurants or offices so bad). Until recently, however, many people were confined to utilitarian panels that didn’t do much for the rest of the décor. With decorative acoustic panels in your home or office, you can make a statement while you insulate for acoustic sound design at the same time. These 15 decorative acoustic panel ideas will help give you an idea of just what’s possible.

1. Turn Your Walls into a Functional Work of Art

Who says that walls need to be flat? These Diamond Acoustic Wall Panels interlock with one another to form a diamond pattern on the wall. They clip into place easily so you can even rotate and change the direction of the pattern at any time, making the walls of your conference room into a work of art.

3D Diamond Acoustic Wall Panels

2. Lower Sound and Raise Your Style with Flowing Wave Acoustic Wall Panels

With color and texture as one, you can absorb sound just about anywhere. These decorative Wave Acoustic Wall Panels come in neutral bold colors like the white Acoustic Panels seen here, and can be arranged in a variety of different patterns to make it seem as though your walls and ceilings are fluid. By installing the same pattern across the ceiling and then down the wall, it gives the appearance that these acoustic panels are flowing through the room.

3D Wave Acoustic Wall Panels

3. Choose It if You Like It

Sometimes less is more. With these Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels, you get the clean lines you’ve come to expect from sound absorbing materials, but with a subtle texture and overlap that make the wall stand out. Emphasize the pattern with color, or leave it in classic white for a more formal look.

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

4. Strong, Subtle, and Perfectly Suited to Any Viewing Area

A solid colored backdrop is important in viewing situations, but that doesn’t mean that your walls need to be boring. The sharp lines of Crease Acoustic Wall Panels help bring a subtle texture and interest to the wall.

3D Crease Acoustic Wall Panels

5. Get Sticky with It and Lower Sound in Style

Create unique visual looks from traditional to contemporary with Triangle Acoustic Wall Panels. Triangle are a classic shape that have graced walls and floors for decades. Lay them in a traditional flower or checker pattern, or create a simple, yet dramatic statement in bold colors and an ombre effect while you reduce echo and reverberation within your space.

3D Triangle Acoustic Wall Panels

6. Let Pattern Play Become the Focus; Not Unnecessary Sound

If you like puzzles, you’ll love playing around with Sound Absorbing Curtains. Take basic shapes, and arrange them in your own unique pattern. Create a wall that is as simple or complex as you want; either way the Acoustic Panels will still function to help cut down on unwanted noise and reverberation.

Sound Absorbing Curtain

7. Let’s Get Personal with Customizable Panels

Get a completely unique and personalized appearance for your space by stick the Arched Acoustic Wall Panels. Interlock two different colors together to get a personalized design that can still help control the acoustics in your space.

3D Arched Acoustic Wall Panels

8. Simple, Bold, and Uniquely Yours

You don’t need to have an art degree to come up with interesting or artistic patterns to cut into your Carved Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel. Their rigid nature makes it easy to cut even simple geometric shapes that can enhance the look and style of any room. Now you can create a decorative acoustic panel DIY project that will look and function perfectly when you’re done.

Carved Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

9. When You Need to Get Away from It All

Sometimes you don’t need a room to be quiet at all times; you only need a temporary area that may change location from time to time. With a modular Acoustic Floor Screen system, you can quickly erect a quiet, sound insulated area anywhere you are, so you can get your work done in the peace you need.

Acoustic Floor Screen

10. Make Sound Cease to the Be the Reason You Can’t Study

Study desks, and office desks are all areas that can benefit from a little acoustic control. These attractive Sound Absorbing Desk Dividers attach easily with clips or magnets to desks, and other areas so you can create the perfect work environment in no time.

Sound Absorbing Desk Divider

11. Beautiful Starry Sky

Drop ceilings are common in offices and rooms, but does anyone really like the way they look? These decorative Starry Sky Ceilings fit into the same ceiling grid that traditional drop ceiling panels do, but they add a lot more dimension and interest to the space, while calming the acoustics of the space and increasing privacy.

Starry Sky Ceiling

12. Urban and Natural

Urban spaces such as coffee shops have trouble with echoes and carrying sound. And more traditional acoustic paneling doesn’t match the style or the feel of the space. These Six Petals Acoustic Panels are made to look like Petal, however, making the perfect complement to Urban and Natural style spaces, while helping to reduce some of the noise that can echo in these open spaces.

3D Six Petals Acoustic Panel

13. Create a Room You Would Be Proud Of

Removing the echo from a conference room is can be a difficult job. In this case, covering the walls and ceiling with Four Pointed Star Acoustic Wall Panels can not only create a clean, streamlined look for the space, it can also enhance the sound quality during your overseas video conference calls as well.

3D Four Pointed Star Acoustic Wall Panels

14. Have Your Patterned Cake and Eat It in Silence, Too

Never have to choose between visual and sound design again with Pyramid Acoustic Wall Panels. Now you can enhance the looks and style of any room, while you help enhance the sound patterns of your space with Pyramid Acoustic Wall Panels that can complement any space – from a traditional living room to a modern night club.

3D Pyramid Acoustic Wall Panels

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