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Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels

Place of Origin: Foshan, China

Brand Name: TianGe Acoustic

Type: Wall Acoustic Panel, Ceiling Acoustic Board

Feature: Eco-Friendly, Fireproof, Moistureproof

Color: Color chart or customized

Thickness: 12mm / 15mm / 18mm

Fireproof Grade: B1

ECO Grade: E1

MOQ: 50 Square meters

Port: Guangzhou / Shenzhen

Payment Terms: T/T

Trade Terms: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DAP, DDP

Application: Conference Hall, Lecture Hall, Gymnasium, Meerting room, Multi-function hall, Auditorium, Conference room, Banquet hall, etc.


Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels

TianGe Acoustic Decorative Perforated Wood Panels are specifically engineered to effectively reduce sound reverberation within spaces. Crafted with precision, these Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels are designed with perforations strategically placed to absorb and dampen sound waves. By incorporating these panels into interior environments, they mitigate the level of reverberation, minimizing echoes and noise reflections.

The perforated design of these wood panels acts as a functional solution for spaces where controlling sound is paramount. Whether utilized in offices, auditoriums, or residential settings, these Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels offer an effective means to create acoustically balanced environments. Their ability to absorb sound contributes to a more pleasant and conducive atmosphere, enhancing comfort and productivity while simultaneously adding an aesthetic dimension to the space.

Engineered to strike a balance between functionality and design, our Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels serve as an essential element in creating spaces that prioritize both acoustic performance and visual appeal. Their sound-absorbing properties make them an invaluable addition to various architectural and interior design projects, where controlling reverberation is crucial for optimal comfort and functionality.

Four advantages of the Perforated Wood Panel:

1> Stable product quality and zero complaints.

2> The sound absorption effect is good, and the decoration is strong.

3> Environmentally friendly and fireproof.

4> Wide range of applications: Various places with high acoustic requirements.

Product Type Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels
Common Size W: 600mm,1200mm,1220mm
L: 600mm,1200mm,2400mm,2440mm
T: 12mm,15mm,18mm
Basic Material Standard MDF, Eco-friendly MDF, FireproofMDF, MoistureproofMDF, Sollid Wood, etc.
Finish Melamine, Natural Wooden Veneer, Fireproof board, Painting, Metal, Technology veneer, Leather etc.
Color Many colors in stock and can be customized
Fireproof Grade B1
Eco Grade E1
Application Gymnasium, Meerting Room, Multi-function Hall, Auditorium, Conference Room, Banquet Hall,etc.
Install Provide professional after-sales installation training, if necessary, we can travel to the site to guide the construction.

Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels-1

Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels-2

Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels-5

Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels-6

Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels-4

Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels-8

Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels-9

Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels-7

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Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels-3

Sound-Absorbing Decorative Perforated Wood Panels-11

If you have more question, please feel free to contact with us, Thank You !

Telephone/Whatsapp: +86 17322789466

Email: fstiange@gmail.com

TianGe Acoustics Address: Xinli Building, Lihe Road, Lishui Town, Nanhai Distric, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.

Perforated Acoustic Panel

1> First fix the aluminum profile onto the wooden frame or bottom board, and their distance suggested 6about 600mm.

2> Filled the 32-64kg/m density acoustic cotton among aluminum profiles.

3> Use the clips to fix the Acoustic Panel to the aluminum profile.

4> When install several acoustic panel, the distance between noses to noses suggested 2-3mm.

5> If install the acoustic panel in the horizontal way, and it need to be fixed tight with clips. After that install pieces and pieces of acoustic panel onto the lowest one.

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