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Grand Theater Acoustic Design Plan

Model: Grand Theater Acoustic Design Plan

Common acoustic problems in theater: Sound focusing, uneven distribution of sound field, vibration echo, reverberation time not up to standard.

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Four reasons for choosing TianGe Acoustic Decoration:

1 Trusty, Worry-free EPC project management mode.

2 Time saving, Time saving30% saving in construction period (construction and assembly).

3 Economical, Money saving save 20% overall cost (modularproducts).

4 Efficient, Labor saving independent production and professional construction (quality assurance).

Why grand theaters needs acoustic design? Key points of acoustical design for theater.

1 According to the shape of the grand theater, there must be some defects caused by the shape of the theater before acoustic treatment, such as the problem of sound focusing, vibration echo, etc.

2 The volume of the grand theater is large. According to the functional requirements of the theater, the reverberation time index is different, and it needs to be adjusted through the wall acoustic materials and seats.

3 There are many acoustic indexes in theater, so it can’t evaluate the sound quality of theater only by reverberation time, so professional acoustic design is needed.

4 The theater acoustic treatment must also consider the background noise index, and need to carry out professional acoustic treatment for the HVAC system, maintenance structure, sound lock, surface light bridge, sound bridge and so on, so the acoustic design of the theater is comprehensive.

A major location of acoustic defects of grand theater: auditorium, stage area, sound control room, rehearsal hall, theater lobby, VIP reception area, theater corridor.

Common acoustic problems in theater: Sound focusing, uneven distribution of sound field, vibration echo, reverberation time not up to standard.

How to do acoustic design for the wall, ceiling and stage of theater?

The sound absorption treatment of the wall can achieve two points:

1 Reasonable control of reverberation time in auditorium.

2 The reverberation time inside the stage should be controlled to be consistent with that in the audience, and the coupling effect between the stage and audience will affect the sound quality of the auditorium.

Ceiling acoustic design:

The falling curved ceiling can reflect the sound energy to the audience.

Stage acoustic design:

Because a good stage acoustic environment is very important for the normal use of the theater, the stage acoustic design will isolate the stage, save sound energy, create a good mutual listening environment for musicians, and provide more early reflected sound for the audience, so as to increase the intimacy.

The function of modern theater is to perform drama, opera, song and dance, quyi and music. At the same time, to meet the multi-functional use of the theater, the architectural acoustic design requirements are particularly important. The acoustic design of theater building involves structure, shape design, sound quality design and sound insulation. For the architecture of natural sound performance, acoustic design should be considered from the beginning of architectural design. Acoustic designers should participate in the whole process of civil engineering and decoration design. In each stage of engineering design, it should be carried out simultaneously with relevant design and closely cooperated.

The theater design cases of Tiange acoustics

Dunhuang Grand Theater

XingKong theater, Shapotou District, Zhongwei City

Langfang Hebei Grand Theater

Yangzhou Grand Theater

Changsha concert hall

Saudi multifunctional theater

Henan Zhengyang culture and Art Center

Shanxi Longmen Village movie theater

Hengda haihuadao opera house

Xinjiang Tiekou theater

Urumqi Peking Opera House

Urumqi Cultural Center Opera House

Guizhou Bijie Qianxi Grand Theater

Taizhou Phoenix Xicheng primary school theater

Guangyuan culture and Art Center

theater of Dunhua culture and Art Center

1931 women's idol pop group theater

Pingyang theater

Laibin culture and Art Center

theater of Shenzhen International Exchange College

Common materials used in theateracoustic engineering

GRG board

grooved wooden acoustic panel

slotted aluminum acoustic panel

MLS diffuser

full frequency sound-absorbing panel

red MGO board

cristal sand acoustic panel

auditorium floor

special seat

stage floor

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